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Wreck it Ralph costume for kids

Wreck-it Ralph is such a fun movie for kids! We put together a few items that you will need for a great Wreck it Ralph costume for kids. Following Ralph and Felix through their colorful and exciting video game universe is an entertaining way to spend your family movie night. Even grown-ups will enjoy the retro video game references. And the good guy wannabe lead character Ralph is so likeable. If your kids enjoyed this movie they might be begging you for a Wreck it Ralph costume. Luckily this costume is not hard. There aren’t a million little weapons and accessories, like there are on a lot of super hero costumes and the clothing items are pretty basic.

wreck it ralph costume for kids

Photo Credit: Pop Culture Geek (CC License)

What you need

Getting started with your Wreck it Ralph costume for kids is easy. Here are the different parts of the costume you will need to get your kids looking like Wreck it Ralph.

  1. A green T-shirt
  2. An orange plaid button shirt
  3. Brown overalls
  4. Oversized wrecking hands
  5. Messy hair

Green T-Shirt

Green T-Shirt On Amazon

The place to start your Wreck it Ralph costume for kids is with the green t-shirt. Your kids might already have a plain green t-shirt, but if they don’t, this one is basic so it can be worn for regular clothing as well or handed down to a sibling.

Orange Plaid Shirt

Orange Plaid Kids Shirt

Orange Plaid Shirt On Amazon

This type and color of shirt seems to be a popular item for boys in this age group, so your child will probably want to wear it even when he’s not dressing up. This shirt is nice on its own, but your kid will look just like Wreck it Ralph when you add it to their costume.

Or if you need something cheaper this Orange Shirt will do in a pinch.

Orange Shirt

Brown Overalls

Brown Overalls

Brown Overalls On Amazon

Probably one of the more noticeable parts of Wreck-it Ralph’s look, the brown overalls are definitely an essential part of your Wreck-it Ralph costume for kids. They are plain, so your child could also wear them with something else they already have in their closet.

Wreck-it Ralph Hands

Wreck-it Ralph Hands

Wreck-it Ralph Hands On Amazon

These are definitely the most important part of your Wreck it Ralph costume for kids. These oversized hands are soft; limiting the amount of “wrecking” your child can actually do to your house. And they have voice and sound effects when you hit things with them too.

Or you can check out the soft Wreck it Ralph hands.

Hair Gel

Hair Gel

Hair Gel On Amazon

Wreck it Ralph has some crazy hair! There is just something about a slightly silly hair-do that kids just love. If you need to add that spikey hair look to your Wreck it Ralph costume for kids, a bit of hair gel can do the trick. This one holds well without a bunch of dried up flakes.

Some more Wreck it Ralph Costume for kids tips

You may have noticed one thing about your Wreck it Ralph costume for kids. There aren’t any shoes.  Well, just like the rest of him, Wreck it Ralph’s feet are huge. So it makes sense that he doesn’t wear shoes in the movie. If you wanted to find some oversized feet to add to the costume to make it more authentic, you probably can. But let’s face it…they’re little kids. They’re probably going to run around barefoot anyway, so those are the one part of the costume that isn’t really essential. And you won’t have to worry about them tripping over their oversized feet. A regular pair of shoes would also fit in just fine with this costume.

If your kids loved the Wreck it Ralph movie, they will have a great time running around in their own Wreck it Ralph costume. With just a few simple articles of clothing, they can look just like one of their favorite movie heroes. So get started on a Wreck it Ralph costume for your kids, and watch them enjoy hours and hours of creative play!

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