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Wreck-it Ralph Halloween Costume

Wreck It Ralph was one of the most enjoyable movies of last year, animated or otherwise, so it is no wonder that a Wreck it Ralph costume is on the cards. It was a heartwarming tribute to video games made all the more enjoyable because of its titular character. Ralph made for both a likeable, and memorable character, which is why he would make a great Halloween costume.

wreck it ralph halloween costume

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If you are looking to put together a great Wreck It Ralph costume, look no further as we have the perfect suggestions. This set of pieces will outfit you from head to toe, and make your Wreck-It Ralph Halloween costume look great, and the best part is nearly every part of the costume can be re worn or reused after Halloween is over.

What You Will Need

There are a few parts of this costume that you may already have lying around at home and others that you may have to acquire to really finish off a great Wreck It Ralph halloween costume. You will need these five items to complete your costume:

  1. A green T shirt to match Wreck-it Ralph’s green under shirt.
  2. An orange short sleeve plaid shirt.
  3. A pair of brown Overalls.
  4. A Pair of Wreck-it Ralph’s Fists.
  5. Some Hair Styling Products

Wreck-it Ralph Fists

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The Wreck It Ralph Wrecking fists are a must have for the costume. After all, they are what Ralph uses to wreck stuff. They not only look the part, but they say phrases from the film when they make contact with a surface. They are recommended for ages 4-15, so they can be passed down to a child when you are done with them. Any kid you give them to are sure to love them (especially if they have seen the movie).

Brown Overalls


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The Carhartt Men’s Unlined Sandstone Bib Overall is a good investment that goes beyond the Wreck It Ralph Costume. Carhartt is a reputable brand that is associated with making quality work clothes that are long lasting and durable. While they look just like the ones Wreck It Ralph wears and complete the costume, they can also be worn for years to come. Even if you will not be wearing them for work, you can always wear them for house work and gardening. 

Orange Plaid Shirt

Orange plaid shirt


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An Orange Columbia Sportswear Men’s Royce Peak Plaid Button Down Shirt is needed to complete the Wreck It Ralph Halloween costume. Luckily it is stylish, so it will not only look great with your costume, but it will be something that can be worn after Halloween is over. It is a light weight shirt, so it will not weigh you down, or make you overheat while you are dressed up as Wreck It Ralph.

Green Undershirt

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A Next Level Men’s Blended T Shirt in green will make for a great undershirt for the Wreck It Ralph Halloween costume, and it will make for a nice plain shirt to wear long after too. It is a durable, form fitting shirt that is comfortable, and makes for a great undershirt. Better yet, if you like the one you got for your costume, there are ones just like it that come in various colors.

Messy Brown Hair

To complete the overall appearance of The Wreck-it Ralph Costume you may want to mess up your hair. You can keep it in a shape using various hair sprays, hair gel, or hair wax (not candle wax). If you are really committed and don’t have brown hair a simple wash out hair dye or even permanent hair dye (that is real commitment) will do the trick. 

Have Fun Dressing up as Wreck It Ralph this Halloween

If you want to have a memorable costume this Halloween, then Wreck It Ralph is the way to go. The costume will be a hit with people of all ages, and may even win a costume contest. Getting the right pieces to complete any costume can be quite an undertaking, but lucky for you, Amazon has done all of the work. They have everything you need to complete an excellent Wreck It Ralph Halloween costume, from the overalls to his large hands and feet. If you want to wreck it this Halloween, act fast to get everything you need for your Wreck It Ralph costume. You will be glad you did.

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