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Winter Crafts For Kids To Make

The days may become colder and shorter during the winter season, but do not let it bum your children out. Show them how beautiful winter is by getting them involved in winter themed crafts. We have put together several winter crafts for kids to make, and each project allows everyone to join in on the fun!

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Traditional Paper Snowflakes:

paper snowflakes

Photo Source: Miheco under CC License 2.0

There are some winter crafts for kids to make that have stood the test of time. Do you remember the traditional craft of folding and cutting paper into your very own snowflake? It is time to pass this craft down to your little ones, with safety scissors of course. You can use white, blue or silver paper, and add a little glitter as a finishing touch. Another idea is to let your children color in the snowflakes with crayons. Remember, no two snowflakes are alike so let your kids design their snowflakes however they want.

Paper Plate Snowman:

Use glue dots -or regular glue- to help your children attach two paper plates together in the shape of a snowman. Use colorful construction paper to create and cut out the face, arms and mittens, scarf and hat. Your children may need help cutting and pasting the materials, but they will love displaying the final product. If your child does become frustrated with the cutting and pasting, help him with the hat and arms, and let him draw the rest on with crayons. As you work on this craft, see if you can get the kids to sing-along to the classic tune, “Frosty The Snowman!”

Winter Mobile:

What comes to mind when your children think of winter?  Do they think of snowmen and snowflakes, or mittens, hats and scarves? Maybe they think of ice skating and sledding. Help your children draw and cut out these items, or help them find pictures in magazines or print them out from the Internet. If you want to make this project as crafty as possible, stick with drawing and cutting out the items. It is a great way to let your little ones practice their developmental skills. Use a hole punch and silver string to attach the pictures to a blue or white plastic hanger and you now have a winter themed mobile to hang in your home.

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece:

Remember that winter crafts for kids to make can easily turn into winter decor for your home. Put on the classic “Winter Wonderland” tune and ask your children to help you fill up a clear plastic bowl with the things that make winter wonderful. Use a plastic bowl instead of a glass bowl, just in case the bowl gets knocked over. You can use small white pom pom or cotton balls as snow (or purchase fake snow decor in the stores), snowflake confetti or cutouts and a little glitter to make it sparkle. It is no secret that children love helping their parents decorate the house, so be sure to display the centerpiece throughout the winter season.

Plastic Spoon Snowman:

Use construction paper and/or googly eyes to create the face on the bowl side of a white plastic spoon. Since the face will have to be rather small, you may want to help your children design and cut the face out. Use the felt to create the snowman’s hat and scarf. Glue dots are easy to use and a great choice for this little craft. Create the arms by wrapping a piece of long brown or black pipe cleaner around the spoon, with an equal amount of the ends sticking out on both sides. Do not be afraid to let your children play with their snowmen, or display them in their Winter Wonderland Centerpiece!

Winter Tree:

Who said you could only decorate a tree during the holidays? You can use a metal ornament display or even a tabletop tree for this craft. Ask your children to help decorate with winter-themed ornaments, such as snowmen, snowflakes, ice skates and of course blue, silver and white ornament balls. See if you can find a small snowman or snowflake tree topper to go on the top of the tree, or create it out of foam balls or paper. This winter craft for kids to make is perfect for children who may be bummed when it is time to take the Christmas tree down.

Coming up with winter crafts for kids to make is always a fun job. The crafts you plan out may depend on the ages of your children, but the idea is to work together to make winter a pretty fun season. The best part is the look on children’s face as they admire the finished product. So put on some winter tunes, gather your art supplies and turn your home into a Winter Wonderland!

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