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Vtech Innotab 2 Reviews

vtech innotab 2 reviewsTechnology is more than something adults use and take advantage of. It also, when used properly allows children of all ages to improve their learning and core skills. This is why you might be searching for different Vtech Innotab 2 Reviews. The Vtech Innotab 2 provides exactly this kind of service, as not only does it entertain a child, but it also improves their communication, language and hand-eye coordination skills. Best of all, the product can be brought along to just about anywhere, due to its compact size.

Here at Ur Kids World we put together our own comparison between the Leappad 2 and the Innotab 2 that also includes a review of each tablet. Leappad 2 vs Innotab 2

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What Are Most Reviews Telling Us?

According to many Vtech Innotab 2 reviews, there are many different features that make it an exceptional product for children who are starting to develop their communication skills. One of the great child friendly features is its hardy exterior. The Vtech Innotab 2 is made up of durable plastic and rubber bumpers, so it can be dropped, tossed, spilled on and just about anything else can happen to it without having to worry about the equipment being damaged. Also, the screen is inset into the case, so there is no chance of the screen becoming damaged during most accidents. This way, parents do not have to continually replace the equipment all the time.

Most of The Vtech Innotab 2 Reviews show it has an adequate built-in camera for both pictures and video and can rotate so the camera can take picture in front of the device and behind. This allows for fun pictures and can help children develop their motor skills when using the equipment and taking a picture. It is also great for self portraits of a child and parent together. Most reviewers are pleased that if they find the 2GB memory is not large enough there is an SD card slot is available. This means that you are able to insert a new memory card and add instant memory to the device.

The different user settings enable different children that are playing with the Vtech Innotab 2 to have their own user profile. Parents are happy that they don’t have to worry about one child accidentally deleting or editing another kids information. Four different accounts are available so each child can have all of their very favorite games and applications installed and ready for them to use on their own personal account.

The Best Two Sites To Find Useful Innotab 2 Reviews

The Amazon Review link below has over 121 five star rated reviews out of a total 196 reviews. The amazon reviews average out at 4.2 stars.

The vtech kids site below has twelve reviews that average out at a rating of 3.7 stars


The Best Innotab 2 Review on Youtube

Knowing how to use new technology can often be a bit of a challenge; even if the technology is designed for a child. Different devices are going to require different attention, so before an adult offers technology to a child, it is a good idea for them to know how the equipment functions. This is why the YouTube VTech InnoTab 2 review video is so helpful, as it is going to help adults learn how to use the equipment so then they can go and share the information with their child.


This VTech InnoTab 2 Review is an exceptional video that will be helpful for any adult who has recently purchased or is considering purchasing the device. For starters, the video walks a viewer through the general controls of the buttons, making it easy to adjust many of the settings, without having to go into the operating system, as is the case with other tablets. This way, a user does not have to perform all of the complicated settings and adjustments, which makes controlling the equipment that much easier. Leslie, the narrator and reviewer, makes the video very easy to follow. She also points out initially how to connect new games, applications and other services.


From the basic controls, the video then shows how to create new programs, how to customize the device and how to go about selecting a new game or other application currently on the device. The summary is very complete and makes it that much easier to follow. The operating system of the Vtech InnoTab is not hard to follow, and with the instructions provided by Leslie, it is that much easier as well. Essentially, it fills in any gaps you might have regarding the device and what different features are on the hardware. All of this should help you both before you give the equipment to your child and if you run into a problem further down the road and don’t know how to correct the issue.


The Vtech InnoTab 2 is a great device for any parents looking to further their children’s education or supplement their learning at home. With the helpful youtube video readily available, this device is completely user friendly for both parents and children. Your child will have a wonderful time furthering their skills with the Vtech InnoTab 2!

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