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Valentine Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Valentine’s Day has so many little things kids can do to show family and friends their love. One activity they always like is making valentine cards. These valentine card ideas for kids to make will keep your children busy and the recipients will love them!


Valentine Handprint Cards

Handprint Valentines Card

Valentine Handprint Cards

Photo Courtesy of Rosy Posy

This project is about as easy as it gets. Handprint cards from Rosy~Posy would make a nice card for parents or grandparents or anyone really. You’ll have a nice little hand print to remember how big your child was this year. Handprint art is lovely because of it’s unique and personal touch. Very young children would probably need help to make sure they get their hands positioned correctly to make the heart shape. I highly recommend giving this a go, kids often love to get messy and you end up with a beautiful valentines card.


Robot Valentines


Robot Valentines

Photo Courtesy of Crafts By Amanda

These cute little robots from Crafts by Amanda are sure to make someone happy on Valentine’s Day! Kids will need to have pretty good cutting skills to cut shapes. Younger ones might do better with pre-cut shapes.  I really like that there is a boy and girl version of the robots, making it an appealing project for anyone. Kids can really let their imaginations go with a robot theme, and you’ll be surprised at the crazy creative things they can come up with.


Spin Art Valentine Cards

spin art valentines card

Pop Art-ish Spin Art Valentine Cards

Photo courtesy of The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Valentine card ideas for kids to make should be fun, engaging and produce great results. This project from The Chocolate Muffin Tree does all those things. If you have never done spin art painting with your kids, you definitely need to try it! They will absolutely love it! If you don’t have one of those paint spinner toys, you can always try a salad spinner. One thing I really like about this project is you really can’t mess it up. Your little ones can choose the colors and help add them to the paper, they will be amazed by how it turns out. The best part about this is that everything ends up looking good. 


Splatter Paint Quick Valentine cards

Another paint and paper project from A Mrs. Maker. Splatter painting is easy but can get a little messy so make sure you put down plenty of newspaper. Kids are usually fascinated by the effect. These cards have a simple but lovely design and would be fast and easy enough if you need to make more than one.


Squishy Heart Valentine

This is one of the most unique valentine card ideas for kids to make that I have seen! This project is by Krissy at B-Inspired Mama and featured on Red Ted Art. Krissy actually made this card for her kids but I thought it was a great idea. It is a little more involved, but an older child, probably 7 or older, would be able to make this. Most kids are fascinated by squishy stuff and the sparkly look makes it even more appealing!


Valentines for School

Here are a few Valentine card ideas for kids to make for their class parties. Most of the ideas out there for school valentines actually don’t require the kid to do much of anything. They are cute but it’s mostly just a grown up and a printer. Where’s the fun in that? Understandable I guess, since lots of kids are in large classes – 25 or 30 valentines are lots of work. But these ideas are simple enough to make a lot and will come together quickly.


Valentine’s Day Pencils

Pencils are always popular items at school parties. These pencils with toppers from The Gunny Sack are both easy and cute. Shaping the pipe cleaner topper and attaching it to the pencil works on fine motor skills. To make it easier, skip painting the pencils. A package of pencils with a valentine design would do just fine.


Potato Stamp Heart Cards

This card from The Imagination Tree is a sure winner. Stamping crafts are always a hit with kids and tend to hold their attention. They are also super quick. You give them the stamp and paint and they just go crazy! Kids as young as one and a half can usually do it if you show them how. Use 1/4 or 1/6 of a sheet of paper for your card size and you’ll have enough for the whole class in no time. Alternately, you could have your child stamp the large piece of paper and cut it afterwards.


Butterfly Lollipop Valentine

There are printables available out there for this, but I liked this version since it is actually kid-made. Robin at Strickly Us shows how it’s done, step by step. The heart shapes are good cutting practice and the sticker decorations will make this craft go fast.


Valentine Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Children are always excited to celebrate holidays with fun activities. If you’re looking for Valentine card ideas for kids to make, these are sure to be enjoyable and will have them spreading the love to everyone they know! You can see some more simple ideas for valentines cards at Homemade Valentine cards for kids to make.

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