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Top Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

Few things in life are as much fun as gifting your little tot a lovely birthday or Christmas present. Watching the incredulous delight on your boy’s face as he unwraps his present kindles a warm glow in your heart, and a smile on your face as you watch his! Go all out this Christmas, New Year or Birthday with gifts to gladden his heart and yours. Outlined are the top gifts for 10 year old boys, a selection of interesting and enriching presents you can gift for child for hours of fun together!

Snap Circuits SC-300

Snap Circuits

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A fantastic learn and play kit, Snap Circuit 300 is perfect for the ten year old inventor! Teach your tot the workings of a doorbell, radio, burglar alarm and more with 300 exciting snap together circuits. Your child will learn the workings of electricity, circuits, physics and more with this exciting Birthday gift! Snap Circuits SC-300 has won The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Dr Toy Best Educational Products and Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products awards for its innovative and educational approach to children’s games. The kit contains over 60 Snap-Together parts with a clean, well-illustrated and concise manual.

Star Wars Origami: 36 Paper-folding Projects

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Bring out the creative genius in your boy with this brilliant, fun and appealing Star Wars Origami set.  Transform paper to famous Star Wars characters, like Yoda, Princess Leia or R2-D2? Star Wars® Origami is the ideal gift for creative boys, blending their favorite characters with the art of paper folding! There are three levels to the game, Youngling (easy), Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult) to Jedi Master (tricky!).  The child is introduced to Origami and basic folds with a short introductory section. Bound at the back of the book are two sheets of folding paper for each figure. The characters illustrated remain true to the movie to create a wondrous cinema experience for your child!

Foam Strike Compound Bow

Foam Strike Bow

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Chase the Cowboys away! Play the part of the Red Indian Chieftain with your little boy the brave soldier with the foam strike compound bow! Dress your family like Cowboys and Indians, divide into teams and have a blast! The foam bow has twice the power of a normal bow for twice the fun. Dual power cords enhance the reach of an arrow while Guide wires position the arrow for accurate aim. Soft foam arrows can make their mark even at 100 feet. The foam set includes 1 bow and 3 arrows. Whether you are playing Cowboys and Indians or simple target practice, this is the perfect gift for a lively, imaginative 10 year old to increase his concentration and focus and improve hand-eye co-ordination while having oodles of fun!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Magic Set

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Who doesn’t like magic? A mysterious realm where anything can happen; doves burst into flowers and rabbits jump out of hats! With a host of tricks to learn from, the Melissa and Doug Deluxe magic set features high in the list of the top gifts for 10 year old boys. Multi-piece sets feature illusions, card tricks, disappearing objects, coins that multiply, prediction tricks and secret change bags. Turn your tot into a performer with the entertaining, creative, logical and imaginative magic set. What does your boy have up his sleeve today?

Life-Like Trains HO Scale Thundering Rails Electric Train Set

HO scale Train set

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Rounding off the list of the top gifts for 10 year old boys is the Thundering Rails Electric Train Set, a fabulous gift for toy crazy boys! With over 175 pieces, an F7 diesel engine and a train painted in the classic silver and red Santa Fe theme, this is a present any child will love. Besides an elegant engine, six colorful freight cars and a Caboose, the set also comes with a bridge pier set, a working crossing gate, three trackside shanty kits, three pickup trucks and four automobiles. 110 railroad signs, street signs and road signs with 12 utility poles add to the fun. Assembly is easy and fun without any difficult metal rail joiners or tools and nails.  A built-in roadbed base allows your child to build the train set on any surface!

The Hardy Boys Starter Set for boys (5 Volume Set)

Hardy Boys Book Set

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Featuring among the top gifts for 10 year old boys are the Hardy Boys mystery book collection. Encourage the reading habit in your child to enrich his vocabulary, gain mastery over the language, broaden perspective and improve his comprehension with the Hardy Boys starter set, a collection of exciting, engaging, mystery books to keep your little child hooked! These books are a smart gift for young boys and the perfect launchpad into the literary world. Follow the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy, amateur detectives, as they uncover murky mysteries and dangerous plots to destroy the world.


Want more of the Coolest gifts for 10 year old boys

10 year old boys are at that age when they want to be treated like the older boys, but still have that little kid in them. This can make buying gifts for them quite the challenge. Kids these days are very aware of technology and all the coolest games and toys that are on the market. If you are planning to buy a 10 year old boy a gift, you are going to be in awe because there are so many super-awesome toys and games to choose from!

If you are really stumped about what to get a 10 year old as a gift for a special occasion, check out what is available out there for kids that age. It will give you an idea of what would make a great gift for the little guy. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular stuff that 10 year old boys love:

LEGO’s Minecraft-The Nether

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You just cannot go wrong with LEGO products! Kids all over the world are crazy about them and there are so many different exciting sets to choose from! This particular one is a popular choice among kids and parents alike. Little boys can create a Minecraft world complete a Zombie Pigman and Ghasts! Adventure and action await young boys who love exploring. This latest biome can be combined with others to create a massive Minecraft world with portals connecting each other. This set has received rave reviews from parents and you can check out the Minecraft-The Village too, which is just as cool as this set!

LEGO’s Lord of the Rings Mirkwood Elf Army Set

Lord of the Rings Lego

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Is the 10 year old you are buying a gift for a fan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Well, if he is, this is one of the coolest gifts he could ever receive! The set comes with 6 figures as well as various weapons and other accessories. Thranduil the Eleven King, Mirkwood Elf, 2 Gundabad Orcs and 2 Mirkwood Elf archers as well as a Warg. There is bound to be plenty of action and fun when this set is added to a 10 year old boy’s collection of LEGO sets! This is definitely a winner!

Blue Hat’s Cyber Boxing Robots

Boxing robots

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This is an exciting set that comes with 2 robots that are remote-controlled. Your little guy and a friend can get into an exciting boxing match, using the remote control to pack a punch right on his opponent’s face and knock him out! The cool thing about this set is that adults love it too! The robots are sturdy and the entire set is built to ensure durability, so it is a high-quality product. If you want your 10 year old to have some robotic boxing action, this is the perfect gift!

SilverLit’s Spy Cam 2 Helicopter

RC Spy Helicopter

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This is probably one of the coolest remote-controlled helicopters available today. It has a camera that captures photographs as well as videos while it flies around. The camera can be adjusted and the images and videos can be uploaded to computers through the USB included in the pack. It has a Gyro directional stabilizer which allows you to capture great images while it flies smoothly and easily. This is definitely one of the best gifts any 10 year old boy could get! A rating of 5 out of 5 stars is rare but this set has got it! It is a definite must-buy!

Now that you have an idea of what is available in the market for boys, you can buy the perfect gift. With such a vast array of great gifts for 10 year old boys, you will no doubt have a lot of fun checking out stuff and buying your little guy the best gift ever!

Little boys like action, adventure and excitement no matter which games they like the most. 10 year old boys are especially fun to buy gifts for as there are so many fun toys and games in the market for them! Educational games that are both fun and interesting are aplenty nowadays and if you want your little boy to have fun while learning, you will not be disappointed with what is available. It is amazing to see what is out there for young boys and you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun shopping for your 10 year old!


Even more great gifts for 10 year old boys

If you are looking for gifts for boys aged 10, you are going to have the time of your life shopping! There are brilliant toys that make great gifts as they offer not only fun, but also teach little boys skills and lessons that will be helpful to them for the rest of their lives! Let us take a look at a few of what you can expect to find in the market.

Spin Master Games’ HeadBanz

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This is a fun guessing game that is an award-winning one, making it a great choice for 10 year old boys. It is goofy and fun, making sure that your little guy and his friends will have loads of laughs while they play. You and your little one can also play together, asking questions that require a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’! The set comes with a rule sheet, 6 head bands, 24 chips, 74 cards and a sand-clock for timing the game. Play a game of ‘Who am I?’ and have great fun together.

The spin master is a well-loved game and parents have found it entertaining, fun to play and it always brings out laughter every time it is played! Who would not love that?

Mayfair Games’ Settlers of Catan

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This is an award-winning strategy game that helps your little boy use his mind to figure out how to win the game. The players use the resources that they collect to build towns, roads, etc. and make their way to winning the game. It is an interesting game that can be played many times over as it is always entertaining and interesting. Each game can be made unique as it comes with a variable board. Whether it is with friends or family, your boy will have a lot of fun with this awesome game!

Customers have given this game rave reviews due to its high replay value and the fact that it is so interesting. It is easy to learn and a great game for family game nights.

Cardinal Industries’ Mexican Train

Set of Dominos


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This is a wonderful domino game that any little boy will love! It comes with colorful tools that are easy to find and it also comes with an aluminum case that makes it easy for the game to be conveniently stored away while it is not in use. Everyone loves a good domino game and what better way for your young one to have fun and learn with you or his friends?

It is a popular game among kids and their parents as it can be played over and over again. Parents love the fact that it is easy to learn and how it teaches their kids to like mathematics. It is challenging yet fun! If you are in doubt as to what to buy an adorable ten year old- buy this train!

Whether it is a board game or a toy, you need to find gifts that will excite 10 year old boys! It is important that they are impressed with the gift so that they have fun playing and learn new things while they do. Replay value is important as well, so you need to make sure that every gift you pick will never bore your 10 year old boy. With a few ideas, you can now get the perfect gift for the little lad!

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