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Top Books For Toddlers

Explore A New Story Everyday With Our Top Books For Toddlers!

Bed-time stories are a great way to spend time with your tot after a long day at the office or finishing up chores at home. Spend a lovely hour with your little child reading, singing and laughing with him or her, and embarking on a new adventure every day with some top books for toddlers! Outlined below are a list of the best books for toddlers that not only keep them entertained but help your child pick up good habits and behavior from the characters in the book. Turn into a child yourself as explore a new world through the eyes of your baby boy or girl! You can see my little boy in the photo to the right and below enjoying his Thats Not My Monster book. 

That’s Not My Monster

Top Books For Toddlers

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This is a new and exciting edition of the classic series “That’s not my…“. The series was awarded the ‘Best Buy’ by the readers of the “Prima Baby” magazine.  The latest in line is an interesting, humorous and enjoyable read that combines two elements toddlers love most- colorful, bright pictures and illustrations with exciting and interesting page textures. This book assists young children in improving their sensory and language skills.

Top Books For Toddlers

Lots of parents have reported that the colorful pictures and interesting textures keep the toddlers engaged. I can also confirm this as my little boy loves going his “Thats Not My…” books. The print is large, pages are vibrant and engaging to a toddler, multiple panels composing pictures and the horns of the monster are entertaining and creative, an innovation that all parents will appreciate. Overall, the book is an excellent buy for children between ten months and a year old.

Now I’m Growing! Prince of the Potty

Potty Training book for toddlers

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The ‘Now I’m Growing’ line of books has been developed to help children develop good habits and keep them entertained at the same time. The characters in the book are inspirational to children and the stories are well written to encourage children to follow rules, maintain discipline, practice good habits and pick up new skills through a light, fun and interesting read. The series is a contemporary line, and an innovate concept designed to help children learn while they are entertained.  The latest read will leave your toddler in splits while he or she learns everything  there is about becoming the prince or princess of the potty. There is also a princess version for girls. In the tale, Prince of the Pottythe little boy thinks about using a potty and wearing underwear, with his parents supporting, cheering and encouraging him.

Parents report that the book is cute, funny and educational in a non-preachy way. The end of the book that offer potty training tips has been tremendously useful to most parents. The language is simple and rich in vocabulary, without the story being too preachy or austere. Most parents believe that the book has motivated their children to go to the bathroom by themselves. An interesting, educational read and learning experience for children, the Now I’m growing series has received enthusiastic appreciation from parents worldwide.

I Love You Through And Through

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A lovely, heartwarming, fun rhyming story of unconditional love, this book contains fantastic illustrations and exciting page textures. The story revolves around a young, happy toddler and his teddy bear, taking the reader through a maze of toddler emotions from happy to sad, stubborn to mischievous and more. The story is simple yet touches the heart with its message of love and happiness. Parents and children will laugh and cry with their toddler hero and embark on their own adventures together! The book has sturdy cardstock pages with a  padded cover and rounded corners for safe handling by children and adults.

This book is a favorite among parents around the globe! Simple yet strangely touching, the book reinforces faith in love, affection and happiness. Children world over feel loved, and parents blessed, after a fun read together. The pictures are colorful and simple, the pages are bright, textured well and sturdy and the rhymes are witty, thoughtful and beautifully written. The book is engaging and makes for a great read for parents as well as children.

The Birthday Box

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The Birthday box is a sweet tale about a child who receives a puppy as a gift. The child and the puppy spend hours devising games, sharing secrets and spending their time playing games with the box as a prop. The box is a vortex of endless possibilities, giving the child and puppy ample opportunity to explore new worlds. The story is written in simple, first-person narration. The pages are colorful and decorated with acrylic paintings that are endearing and lovable. This is an excellent book for toddlers, spurring their imagination and igniting a passion for travel. The Birthday Box has the child and puppy soar across vast oceans or a jaunt on a ship, sledding down at breathtaking speed on slippery slopes and stint as a robot!

The story is sweet, creative, imaginative and fun! The book is colorful, endearing, engaging and written in a conversational style that is easy to understand and follow. Bright illustrations, large pages, fun textures and an exciting story grabs the toddlers attention for an exciting read-aloud bed-time story.

Snuggle Puppy

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The big, snuggly, cozy, warm and fun hug book is a parent’s love letter to his or her child! Written in rhyming verse, the story revolves around a cute, adorable puppy and his adventures in a new, colorful world. Snuggle Puppy is a book your child will want to read over and over, for a happy ending your toddler will want to relive every night! Rhyming verse adds to the fun, making for an interesting presentation of a lovely story!

The book is a wonderful gift for toddlers between ages ten months and about two years. The story features sweet songs and special moments that every child will enjoy.  Parents especially appreciate the author’s ingenuity and skill in penning a story of love, adventure and wonder without giving the puppy, toddler or parent in the book any gender. It could be a sweet mommy and her little boy baking cookies or a daddy and his little princess!


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