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Toddler Rules 101

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Toddler Rules 101

How to get a toddler to sleep! (or not)

  1. Kid refuses to sleep until Mummy lets him get up.
  2. Kid then Falls asleep in the swing (mind you, this is just a trick).
  3. When Mummy picks you up and puts you into bed, It is time to wake up again and play.
  4. Refuse to sleep. Again!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat….


So What Do You Really Do?

Getting Kids to sleep is an age old battle that has been going on, well, forever. So how do you actually get a child to go to sleep, every bed time?

Well I am sorry to say there is no perfect answer, there are so many different methods and techniques. Which one too chose, is entirely up to you and what you feel more comfortable with. There are techniques that require you to let your child cry for increasing intervals. Then there are others that focus on creating a soothing bedtime routine. 

We tried a few with our little boy and each one worked. The problem we found was that when teething happened again and again, he would revert back to his old ways. We both felt that we couldn’t blame him for being upset and restless when his teeth were hurting him. 

Baby Center shows you through some of the techniques, explaining more about them and some of the findings of recent research.

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