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The Four Best Toys For Two Year Old Boys

best toys for 2 year old boysThe terrible twos is a time in every kids life that parents dread, which probably prompts the search for the best toys for two year old boys. It is a time in a child’s life that is infamous for bad behavior and temper tantrums. If you are able to keep a little boy busy throughout this troubled time, they may not be so difficult. There are a lot of different toys available on the market, ranging from fun to educational, but not all of them are appropriate for a two year old boy. Here are some of the best toys for two year old boys. These toys will make any little boys two’s not so terrible.

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Classic Wooden Blocks


best toys for two year old boys

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Melissa and Doug are known for making quality children’s toys. The toys created are crafted from wood, and feature classic designs that are educational and fun. The Melissa and Doug 100 piece wood blocks set succeeds at being both. With 100 pieces of blocks to work with, your two year old will be able to construct a lot of different creations. This product inspires creativity, teaches kids early lessons on construction and physics, and has endless replay value. That makes it one of the best toys for two year old boys.


Pull and Learn Car Carrier

toys for 2 year old boys

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It is not uncommon for young boys to love playing with cars. They probably also love toys that light up and make noises. The Vtech Pull and Learn Car Carrier does all that and much more. The car carrier is a large truck that carries three smaller cars, each containing three different animal characters, who can be identified when placed in the drivers seat of the car carrier. There is also a number pad on the side that they can interact with, as well as a walkie talkie that comes out of the top for role playing. This toy is a great way to indulge your little boys love of cars and trucks, while also teaching them about numbers, colors and animals. It is a versatile toy that any two year old will get a lot of use out of, making it one of the best toys for two year old boys.


Mega Bloks


mega bloks are the best toys for 2 year old boys

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Mega bloks are a staple for any boys childhood. The interlocking blocks are simple, versatile and timeless. That is why the Mega bloks First Builders 80 piece large Classic bag comes so recommended. The blocks are colorful, and vary in shape and size. Unlike some block sets, there are no clear directions to follow. Whatever your child builds is up to their imagination. There are many fun things that can be built, and when they are done, there is a handy case to pack them away. Mega bloks are fun and timeless. Making them possibly the best toys for two year old boys.


3 n 1 Zebra Scooter


The best toy for 2 year old boys

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Some toys have a short shelf life. There are some toys out there that your little boy may get tired of quickly, and others they will outgrow. That is what makes the Vtech 3 in 1 Learning Zebra Scooter so great. When your little boy grows, and his motor skills improve, it will get different uses out of it. It is a walker that converts into both a ride on scooter and push scooter. Besides that it also plays music, and makes other lights and sounds, with an emphasis on learning colors, animals and destinations. It also comes packaged with a few fun accessories like a walkie talkie and a compass. With everything the Learning Zebra Scooter can do, it will be sure to get a ton of mileage from your little boy. This longevity and versatility makes it one of the best toys for two year old boys.


Making The Right Choice

Right now is a formative time in your boys life. A two year old is a bundle of energy who needs something to focus it on. Luckily there are great toys out there designed for them to create, learn and burn off some of that energy. When it comes to play time, you do not want to give them toys that will frustrate them, and that is what makes these toys so great. They are age appropriate, and will continue to be their cherished play things for years to come. You may be choosy when it comes to what toys your two year old plays with, but you cannot go wrong with any of these toys. Whether they are fun, educational, or both, these are some of the best toys for two year old boys.

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