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The Best Inside Out Toys

When Pixar and Disney brought out movie Inside Out, it captivated the minds of children. You just have to admire and love the 11-year-old Riley, whose life turns upside down when she relocates to San Francisco from the Midwest. Kids loved the movie and that’s why the Inside Out toys are so popular and sought-after. As a parent, if you’re struggling to find the best Inside Out toys for your little ones, here are a few that are considered the best and you should definitely buy them. They are fun, but also can teach little kids about emotions – Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Joy – and friendship.

Inside Out Board Game

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This fun board game is brought to you by USAopoly and consists of 5 vinyl movers – Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness. Though it is based on the movie, this board game is great fun. The game is about journeying through Riley’s subconscious mind and reaching her core memories, so that they can be brought back to the headquarter. The player who manages to collect the most memories is the winner of the board game. It is a type of game that can be played for hours without feeling bored and both kids and adults will love it!

Mystery Mini Figures

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This wonderful set contains 12 mini figures and each one is individually wrapped. The 2-1/2-inch figures are a treat to unwrap and it will be worthwhile watching your child remove the wrapping. The figures are realistic, just like the characters in the movie. They are made from vinyl, making them long-lasting and durable.

Sadness Figure

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This is the Sadness figure from Riley’s life and looks cute. Made from vinyl, the figure can be a great companion to a little one. Even though the figure is symbolic of Riley’s emotions, it still manages to be a lovable character.

Joy Figure

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This toy figure accurately captures the expression and look of Joy from the movie. The slightly too big head adds to the overall cuteness of the toy. She is the perfect addition to other Inside Out toys that your child may have. She has good balance and can be placed upright on the table with other figures.

Disgust Figure

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Just like many of the Inside Out characters, this one too is brought to you FunKo. So, it should tell you something about the quality of the toy figure. The green hair and skin, the blue dress and purple shoes come together to make an adorable toy figure. And, let’s not forget how popular Disgust is with kids!

Fear Figure

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One of the most adorable Inside Out toy figures. Those lovely, big black eyes, the purple skin color and the red bowtie make Fear one of the cutest characters and you can be certain your kid will love him.

Bing Bong

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If you have seen Inside Out, you already know Bing Bong, the elephant, is Riley’s imaginary friend. Bing Bong is approximately 6 inches tall and the eye-catching cotton candy pink color makes him extremely lovable. He even has a fun expression on the face. This figure toy has a good balance and will stand on any surface without toppling over. He looks great and any kid will fall in love with him.

Anger Figure

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This is one toy figure that every child will identify with. The red color of the figure is attractive and eye-catching. It is well-painted, with virtually no scratches. And, the balance of the figure is excellent and can be placed on any surface.

These are the most popular and best Inside Out toys that you should be looking to buy your kids. They will love the toys and you!

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