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The 5 Best Science Gifts For Kids

Today, the focus in many schools is on STEM education. Thats why encouraging your kids with the 5 best science gifts for kids is a fantastic idea. So, if you’re keen on your kids understanding the nitty-gritty of science and technology without finding it boring, try gifting them with some fun and education science gifts. In case you are wondering what the best science gifts for kids, here are some of the best ones.

Snap Circuits from Elenco

A toy that has received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval has to be good. This educational kit comes with 60 real circuits that are color coded and can be snapped to create actual working devices. Using the circuits, kids can create over 300 circuits and devices.

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This science gift is great for 8-year-olds who are fascinated by electronics. The kit comes with an illustrated manual that is quite clear and easy to follow. Using the manual, it will be fun for your kid to build his own burglar alarm, doorbell or even a functional radio.

Besides snap circuits, the kit contains a microphone, slide switch and capacitors. All individual components of the kit can be snapped together to create a working circuit, just like what is present in electronic devices, such as TV and radio.

Duo Scope Microscope from C&A Scientific

This maybe the best science gift for a curious child aged 9 and more. With three different magnifications, this microscope can be used to study blood cells, tissue specimen, coins, plants and insects.

Best Microscope For Kids

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It comes with LED illumination and microscope can function as compound microscope or stereo microscope, depending on what the child wants to use it for. It also has genuine glass optics along with a six-hole disk diaphragm.

Those who have bought the microscope for their kids swear by it; calling it a scientist-grade microscope that can really make viewing slides and objects fun and interesting. It is made from durable, scratch-resistant material and can tolerate rough handling. It is not very heavy, so children can carry it into the garage or garden.

Science Kit from Science Explorer

This science kit encourages children to understand the basics of chemical reactions and how to use various scientific tools. Imagine the look of awe on your child’s face when he makes a color-changing volcano or manages to recreate the beautiful sunset in a test tube? That look itself will make it worthwhile to gift your child with this amazing science gift.

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The kit comes with a comprehensive guide and 11 experiments that are explained clearly and precisely so that kids can follow the instructions. While it is recommended for children age 4 and above, remember you’ll need to supervise them during their experiments.

In addition, the kit contains test tubes, plastic cups, measuring scoops, sticks, pipette, three color tablets, citric acid, vegetable oil, cotton swabs, cross-linked polyacrylamide, red cabbage juice in powder form and corn starch. Using these ingredients, your kid can learn to carry out experiments and make deductions. This definitely makes learning scientific process fun and interesting!

Live Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore

There is something wonderful about seeing a larva metamorphose into a colorful butterfly. However, in today’s concrete jungle that we live in, many kids don’t get this opportunity. So, a good way to introduce children to this spectacular transformation is by gifting them this amazing gift.

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It comes with a collapsible habitat that can be reused. It has a fine mesh covering that allows children to keep caterpillars up close and understand the entire process of metamorphosis. This gift comes with five live butterfly larvae, food for the butterflies and feeder. In addition, there are instructions on how to care for the larvae.

Imagine how thrilled your kid will be to see the larvae form a cocoon and then watching the cocoon burst open to release a colorful and magnificent painted lady butterfly that can be released into the wild or your garden, if you have one.

Moon in My Room from Uncle Milton

This is a great gift to teach children about waxing and waning of the moon. This realistic model of the moon shows all the 12 phases that the moon goes through. And, these phases can be set to change automatically or else you can do it manually if you want to talk about them to your kids.

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The 3D model also has an MP3 download code that allows kids to take a guided lunar tour to enhance their learning. Just hang it on the wall of your kid’s room and let the lighting clearly show the different phases of the moon.

This is a great science gift for children aged 6 and above. You can use it to introduce them to the solar system. The remote control that comes with this kit lets switch the lights on or off and even start the change in the moon phases. In addition, there is an auto shutoff function that switches off the model after 30 minutes to save battery power.

Easy Science Gifts

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These are some of the wonderful science gifts that are apt for children. They offer a unique opportunity to enter the mesmerizing world of science and discover the various scientific wonders and facts.


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