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The Best Snowman Ornament Craft Ideas

Making themed Christmas ornaments can be a fun activity for some family together time during the holidays.  Snowmen are a universally loved symbol of the holidays, even for those who don’t have snow.  They make a great theme choice for your own holiday decorations or for handmade gifts for friends and family.  You can try some of these snowman ornament craft ideas with your kids when the weather is too bad to play outside, they have a snow day, or just to keep them busy during winter break.  It also makes a good activity for a kid friendly holiday party.

Baby Sock Snowman

baby snowman Photo Credit: Just a Little Creativity

This little ornament is absolutely irresistible!  And it’s easy too.  If you have really young children in your house you probably find lost baby socks all the time.  You can use one of those unmatched socks to make this adorable ornament from Just a Little Creativity. When looking for a craft to do with your kids  you really want something that is easy  and looks great. This little project ticks all of the boxes, check it out, you will love it.


Hand Print Snowman Ornaments

Handprint Snowman OrnamentsPhoto Credit: Little Bit Funky

Here are two similar snowman ornament craft ideas. Hand print ornaments are always popular. They are quick and easy and kids love to get their little fingers in the paint, so they always have fun! The first one from Little Bit Funky uses a hand print on a traditional glass ball ornament. The finished product is truly awesome, the little snowmen are quite cute.

Hand Print Snowman OrnamentsPhoto Credit: Eighteen25

If you have a toddler who might try to squeeze the ornament or “play ball” with it, or your child would like to use some non-traditional colors, or if you want something that is a different size, you can try the second option. Eighteen25 has a tutorial for a version of this ornament that uses a painted hand print on a mini canvas with a ribbon to hang it.

Egg Carton Snowman

Christmas Snowman CraftsPhoto Credit: Little Family Fun

This quick and easy ornament is a good project for toddlers and preschoolers.  The egg cartons make it easy to get the right shape for the snowman and kids can pick their favorite ribbon for the scarf.  Visit Little Family Fun for the tutorial.

 Stamped Clay Snowman Ornament

let it snow ornamentPhoto Credit: Then She Made

This ornament from Then She Made uses polymer clay which would be fine for teens to work with but you can make it easier for elementary school age children by using homemade dough that bakes in the oven, or air dry modeling clay and appropriate paint.  School age children may require a little assistance with this project.  This ornament would be especially nice for gift giving.

Pom Pom Snowman

DIY-Snowman-crafts-ornaments-Crafts-UnleashedPhoto Credit: Crafts Unleashed

This little snowman from Crafts Unleashed is irresistibly fluffy and the perfect size for some good fine motor skills practice.  Simple gluing is the primary skill required.  Since children love pom pom crafts, they will want to make an entire tree full of these ornaments.

Button and Yarn Snowman and Button and Felt Snowman

Button-and-yarn-snowman-finish1Photo Credit: FunEZcrafts

Button-Snowman-Ornament-four-finished-snowmenPhoto Credit: FunEZcrafts

Both of these snowman ornament craft ideas are from Fun EZ Crafts. The button and yarn snowman is good for children that have the patience to string all the buttons on.  The button and felt ornament is easier for beginners.  If an adult cuts the felt, all that is needed is some gluing. There are small parts here so supervise accordingly.

More Great Snowman Ornament Craft Ideas

Wood Slice Snowman

This one is a little more unique and would be an excellent choice if you are going for a rustic look or nature theme with your decorations.  It’s easier than you might think and you could use wood slices from a branch in your yard or you could buy them at a craft store.  By Stefanie has the tutorial.

Melted Snowman and S’more Snowman

Want to add little silliness to your snowman ornament craft ideas?  Try one of these.  This simple melted snowman ornament uses lots of glue – which is one thing young crafters are really great at ;)  Each one will be different and uniquely shaped, just like a real melting snowman.  The s’more snowman gives a unique twist to holiday ornaments with easy to find materials.  Craft Elf has tutorials for both.

Filled Snowman Ornament

As far as snowman ornament craft ideas go, they almost don’t get any easier than this.  This craft from Cheryl at That’s What Che Said uses a clear plastic ornament to make it more kid friendly.

Recycled Key Snowman

This is a really creative use for discarded keys.  This craft is more appropriate for the older kids.  I like the variety of materials used for the snowman scarves and how the hanging wires are embellished to add a little more flair.  These little snow people have some serious personality.  Crafts by Amanda has the full tutorial.

Making a few of these snowman ornament craft ideas with your family is a great way to spend a wintery afternoon.  You can have fun ornaments on the tree that reflect your children’s personalities, or make some gifts for friends and family.  So grab your supplies and get crafting!

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