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How To Prepare Magical Reindeer Food Activities For Kids

There is nothing more magical than the look on the face of a child during the Christmas season. When you have little ones in your family that you enjoy spending time with over the holidays, you are going to find that there are a lot of different Christmas crafts and activities that the whole family can enjoy. The more you do together during the holidays, the more memories you will be able to make. Not only that, but a lot of the Christmas activities and crafts that you do can be passed on from generation to generation.

Santa and Reindeer

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What better way to get your child in the holiday sprit than mixing up your very own batch of Magical Reindeer Food? There are a variety of recipes that can be found in publications on online for Magical Reindeer Food, so it is all a matter of picking out the one that you like best. A great version is safe for sprinkling outdoors as there is nothing in it that is harmful to people or animals if accidentally consumed.

The Ingredients

1 cup quick oats
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons red and green sprinkles

Have your child help you to measure and pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl and give them a spoon to stir. Explain to them each ingredient and the magic that they create when mixed. The oats are for nourishing the reindeer so that they can stay healthy and strong as they pull Santa’s Sleigh. The sugar is meant to catch the rays of the moonlight to sparkle and guide the reindeer to the house at night. The red and green sprinkles are a special treat that show the reindeer and Santa just how much holiday spirit the household has.

The Poems

There are also a variety of poems and sayings that can be put into the label for this Magical Reindeer Food. An example is as follows:

Dust along your lawn at night,
Moon light will make it shine so bright,
While Santa and his reindeer fly and roam,
The food will guide them toward your home.

Sprinkle It Around

When you have a number of relatives in your family who have children, you can package up pre-mixed Magical Reindeer Food and give it out ahead of time so that everyone can sprinkle it around and make it a magical night on Christmas Eve. When you have Christmas parties, you will find that such a treat to make together will be one that is going to make a whole lot of amazing holiday memories.

There are lots of amazing things that you can do each Christmas season with your kids to get them involved in the festivities. This is truly one of those great craft ideas that will keep the children wanting to create it year after year. Before you know it, the children will be all grown up and making their own Magical Reindeer Food with their children and creating lots of lasting memories all along the way. With the right Christmas activities and crafts, you can really make each holiday special.


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