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Widen your Child’s World with the Magic of Books

Great Books For ToddlersDo you remember your day’s as a child when your parents read bedtime stories to you? How can you ever forget how you imagined yourself to be in the story, being a part of the adventures that the characters went on? Well, now that you are a parent, it is important that you give your little one that same experience. Reading to kids is a wonderful way to bond with them and spend time together, getting excited about what would happen next in the story!

The magic of books is that they can take you anywhere your imagination will let you and this is a precious gift that nothing else can give a child. Several studies have shown that kids who read perform better academically than those who are not. According to a report on Books Beyond Bedtime by Oxford University Press, a majority of parents stop reading to their kids by the time they reach the age of 7. According to experts, reading to kids for just 10 minutes daily can have a dramatic effect on their educational attainment. Do you need any more reason to start reading to your toddler? Think of all the ways that spending a few minutes of your day reading to your child can benefit her.

Importance of reading to your little one

Storytelling holds significance for kids, developmentally and cognitively. There are so many ways that your child can benefit from books and story time which is why experts have stressed on the importance of parents reading to their kids every day even if it is not for more than a few minutes.

  • Reading to your little one ensures that she will have a high aptitude for learning compared to kids who are not read to.
  • Your child develops better pre-reading skills when books are introduced to her at an early age.
  • When you read to your child, she develops skills that involve logical thinking such as the ability to grasp concepts that are abstract, the use of good judgment in different situations, etc.
  • Although your child may be restless when you start reading books to her, she will eventually develop self-discipline that is strong, improved memory retention and a longer attention span.
  • When you bond with your child through books, she develops socially through the intimate interaction with you.
  • With the interaction between you and your child and the interactions of the characters in the stories you read to her, she will develop better communication skills which is valuable as it is a skill that she will need even as an adult.
  •  Reading with your little one also gives her a much better grasp on written language. She follows the words on the pages as she listens to you read to her.
  • Since you are introducing her to words that are not normally a part of daily language used at home, reading also helps in expanding her vocabulary.
  • Last but certainly not least, reading regularly will give your little one a love for books and reading that will last forever!


What kind of books should you pick?

So what are the best books to read to your child? Well, first of all, they have to be age-appropriate. Kids love books with simple tales and plenty of colorful pictures. Pictorial books are best for toddlers and as she grows older, you can start reading books that have more texts and elaborate stories. You should also take cues from your little one and find out what she would like you to read to her. A great idea is to mix in a little bit of non-fiction too, such as books that talk of dinosaurs, the solar system and other interesting topics that will help your child once she is enrolled in school. She will definitely be excited to hear about the world around her!

That’s Not My Monster and Now I’m Growing! Princess of the Potty are some great books for kids! A lot of parents are also raving about how fantastic these books are! They teach kids the importance of having good habits, being disciplined and following rules. Other wonderful books include Snuggle-Puppy, I Love You Through and Through and The Birthday-Box, just to name a few.  Of course, you should not forget to include classic fairy tales that you grew up listening to and reading! The titles I have just mentioned can be explored further at Top Books For Toddlers

It is amazing how books can open up a whole new world to little kids. Nowadays, with most kids preferring to sit in front of the TV or playing computer games, it is extremely important that parents introduce books to kids from a young age. The magical world of books is a treasure that needs to be passed on to our kids and then to their kids, and so on. Let the stories in each book take them on adventures and journeys that they will always remember and cherish!


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