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Lego Robots For Kids

LEGO has been around for years and when adults see them, it brings back a rush of childhood memories. If you are looking for Lego robots for kids then, Well, wait until you see what they have created now and how far they have come! You will not believe how much they have evolved over the years. Nowadays, kids can have fun and learn by building robots with LEGO robotics. The giant toy brand is still all about encouraging kids to be creative and imaginative, but taken to a whole new level!. The brand has emerged with a fascinating and fun concept that has changed the way kids think….in an excellent manner!



Robotic lego kits

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This is an actual LEGO-robotic-kit that actually gets kids to build and program their robots. They can build 5 of the coolest robots, using state-of-the-art technology that teaches your kids all about robotics. You can watch your child have an amazing time building robots and get them to do the most awesome stuff! The is easily the most sophisticated of all the lego robots for kids.

This kit has advanced technology to build EV3RSTORM, R3PTAR, TRACK3R, GRIPP3R and SPIK3R, 5 uber-cool robots that walk, talk, think and do things that you never imagined possible. They can be brought to life with the easy-to-use programming interface that is icon-based. The kit comes with instructions in 3-D to make it easier to build them. It also comes with a remote control that allows kids to take on missions. What else? Well, believe it or not, you can download apps and command the robots with your smartphone, etc. all that can be said is “WOW!”


Mindstorms NXT 2.0:  

Lego robots for kids

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This is another kit that allows kids to build robots, that is both fun and educational. It comes with some great features that help kids create robots that move, speak, see and even feel! The NXT 2.0 is the predecessor of the EV3 but is still a great robotic kit.

LEGO robots for kids come with easy step-by-step instructions in a booklet as well as software. It is challenging but not impossible. It is designed for kids aged 10 and above. The principles for creating the robots are basically the same; once the robots are built with all the elements given in the kit, they can be brought to life with the program software. All the elements in the kit have been cleverly designed. How cool is that!



lego robots for kids 3

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This is not a kit that is as technologically advanced as the two mentioned above but boy, is it fun! This is a robot building kit that comes with bricks that allow kids to create three models; a robot, a helicopter and a heavy-duty truck. This is a standard non-powered kit but is still a really cool lego robot for kids.

The pack comes with green armor, making it battle-ready. You also get twin antennas and powerful arms and legs. The arms have claws that can grab just about anything and can be moved to have some fun, realistic action. Its legs come with pretend power-boosters that allow it to be launched into the air. The helicopter can be built complete with a rotor that moves and the pickup truck comes with some awesome tires. This is definitely an awesome kit for kids from 7 to 12 years of age.



Lego R2D2

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Star Wars is iconic all over the world and LEGO has come up with a robotic set that features the famous R2D2. Even after decades, Star Wars is still famous and still continues to have a huge fan following. LEGO has created a kit that is inspired by the hit movie. This set is included in the Ultimate Collector Series. It comes with some awesome features a third leg that can be retracted, a head that rotates, 2 control arms that fold out from the front and there is more! You will also find front panels that have a circular saw and an arm with a computer interface. What can we say? LEGO has gone to great lengths to give you the coolest robot to play with! This is definitely one of the coolest lego robots for kids available.




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This is another kit that represents icons who are known the world over. Even as parents, you will still remember sitting glued to your TV, watching TMNT series and movies. You are in for a treat when you have the Baxter Robot Rampage kit. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth every cent because you can watch your child happily building one of the coolest robots in the world!

The Baxter Rickman robot is a favorite among kids all over the world. It comes with great features that allow them to have all the fun they want, battling evil wherever they go! What is awesome about this robot is that it has an arm that comes with a trigger to shoot. It is incredibly cool and it is sure to be a hit in your home.




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This is an incredible kit that allows kids to create robots as well as micro-models. This cool set is a great way for kids to learn ways to design and create their own robot models. This comes with 2 bags of bricks with a book to help in building the robots. As you may know, there are schools that teach kids how to create different robots, using LEGO robotic kits and the software that comes with them. This way, kids can hone their robot-designing skills and learn fascinating new things about engineering. What could be a better way to make your kids learn new skills and have loads of fun at the same time?

This is a fantastic kit comes with 3 robot and 3 micro-models designs. You also get tips and different techniques provided by the designers of the product that can be used to design and build awesome robot models. It is a teaching tool to help kids start working on their robot-building skills.


Let The Lego Robot Fun Begin.

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for the kids in your home, these are definitely winners. You can be sure that your kids will love every minute spent with LEGO robot-building sets! There is also no doubt that you will enjoy helping out your kids build these robots and going to missions to save the world!

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