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Laser Tag Guns For Kids

Laser tag guns for kids


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Once laser tag was only available at specialized laser tag parks, those days are gone forever, now you can buy your own laser tag guns for kids. Now that you can own your own laser tag game your kids and their friends will be able to play at home or anywhere you want.

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Laser tag guns for kids work in any type of light; you don’t need dark to play. Indeed, many kids and adults enjoy playing in old buildings, fields and woods. Laser tag guns for kids are the perfect gift for kids and even child-like adults like me. You can be sure that there will be plenty of kids playing with their own laser tag guns this weekend. Which are the best laser tag guns? We have listed four of the best below, starting with the set we believe is the Best.

The Best Laser Tag Guns – Nerf Laser Tag Battle System.

Best Laser Tag Guns

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A complete two-player system that lets you battle in intense real-life laser combat with two or more players. Included are 2 Phoenix LTX taggers and instructions. We think these are the best laser tag guns out of the four we have reviewed. This is a great toy that will provide lots of fun for the kids. There are lots of YouTube videos to watch to get ideas and strategy. The guns have an excellent range up to 350 feet.  The gun has many features to make play more fun. There is also an outdoor and indoor mode.

The laser guns are very durable and rugged. You will also need 12AA batteries to give these guns life which will last several plays without replacement. These laser tag guns can be used with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries may not last quite as long but will keep costs down. Lastly there is an active online community that you or your kids can join to increase the fun further.

Laser Tag Guns and Goggles by Hasbro


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This is another complete two player laser tag set that has an included set of goggles for each player. Each gun needs 6 AA batteries which you will need to purchase separately. The goggles are unique addition as these act as a HUD (heads up display) which lets you know when you have been tagged and when you are locked on to another player. This set has 11 pre-programmed games and you have the ability to customize and program your own games.

This is quite an expensive set but there is the added value of the goggles and heads up display.

Laser Tag Guns and Vest – Light Strike Player Combo

laser tag guns and vests

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This Laser tag gun for kids is made by Wow Wee, and is expandable up to four different teams. It has built in challenges and emits lights and sounds. Included are two light strike strikers and two light strike target vests. The guns take four AA batteries which last a reasonable amount of time. Each gun can be set to one of four light colors. These toys can be played with in low light as well as in the dark.

This is one of the more expensive sets but it is of fair quality and will keep the kids amused for hours.

Cheap Laser Tag gun – Spy Strike Laser Dueling System.

cheap laser tag guns

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This kit comprises of two sets of laser guns and sensors. This set has 3 modes of play; Laser tag game for Spies, Solo Training Mode and Head to Head Battle Mode. Target sensors can be set up for head to head or for solo play. The game comes with easy to read instructions. Battery compartments will need to be removed with a small screwdriver. The toy lights up and makes lots of appropriate laser noises to keep the kids happy.

This laser gun has more options and settings than some models and is well made and will take a bit of abuse.

Laser Tag Toy Guns – Lazer Tag Twin Pack.


Laser Tag Toy Guns

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With this game you can battle in a solo campaign, team campaign or multiplayer battle. It is also possible to use a Smartphone to download the free Tag App. The game includes two blasters, two iPhone cradles, two laser Tag iPod skins and game guide. This laser tag gun for kids is easy to use and a child can set it up. The toy can be used for group play up to twenty four people or also solo play. It is a great toy and will work indoors and outdoors. You’ll need to flip the switch to change the mode for outdoor use. Guns need to be reloaded after a certain number of shots. There is also a shield mode which lasts a few seconds which will temporarily stop you from getting blown away in battle. The gun is intelligent and will warn the user if there is somebody close by or hiding around the corner.

 This laser gun is slightly more expensive than some but has more options and setting to make play more fun and will add to the excitement.

Feeling Nostalgic?

You can find some great old laser tag sets on here on Ebay Like this Sega Lock On set.



Check Ebay for Great Laser Tag Guns For Kids


Five Great Laser Tag Guns For Kids

If you’re a parent that wants to keep the kids happy for hours and hours a laser tag gun is a good choice. If you’re young at heart you may have to squabble with the kids with who gets to play first. The scenarios and laser tag games for kids that you can create are endless. Laser tag guns for kids are cheap when you think of the hours of exhilarating fun there is to be had for the whole family. 

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