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Innotab 2 Vs Leappad 2

kids love tabletsAre you looking for new and innovative ways to help your children learn how to read, write, do math and more? If so, then you should do a comparison of the Innotab 2 vs Leappad 2. Both of these tablets are designed to perform the same functions, but does one of these machines prove to be a stronger contender than another? That is the question that we hope to answer in this guide.

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 What’s New To The Innotab 2

The innotab 2 is neither loser or winner in the innotab 2 vs leappad 2 battle

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The Innotab 2 is quite similar in nature to its predecessor, the original Innotab, but there are a few differences between the two as well. Here are a few new features that are exclusive to the Innotab 2:

  • ·         Built-in front-facing camera that can record pictures and videos
  • ·         2GB of internal memory, as opposed to the 64MB of memory on the unit’s predecessor
  • ·         The ability to customize the Innotab 2 to your child’s preferences for up to 2 users with customized photo wallpapers, a username, avatar, as well as several different types of greetings that are both vocal and typed

New Features on The Leappad 2

Leappad 2 neither winner nor loser in the innotab 2 vs leappad 2 battleCheck Price On Amazon 

When comparing the leappad 2 with the original leappad, there are quite a few similarities in both design and function, but there are also quite a few differences to explore as well. Here are a few of the brand new features that bring the Leappad 2 to life:

  • ·         Increased processor speed
  • ·         4GB of internal memory, up from the original 2GB on the machine’s predecessor
  • ·         Built-in front-facing and rear-facing cameras and video recorders, as opposed to the standard single camera on the original leappad
  • ·         5 included apps, as opposed to the original 4 that used to come with the unit

Are They Really That Different?

Innotab 2 Vs Leappad 2

When comparing the innotab 2 vs leappad 2, you will soon realize that there are many features that are standard to both tablets. However, their technical specifications do differ and this is where your personal preference kicks in. Here is a quick overview of each tablet:

Innotab 2

The Innotab 2 is a great product, because it allows your children the luxury of a product that combines an e-reader, video and music player, a camera and more. Your children can interact with some of the characters in the stories they read, and the 5-inch touch screen gives your child full capabilities to be creative and experience the essential skills they will need for life in a new and exciting way.

There is an included art studio and there are a few built-in interactive learning apps on this device as well. You even get 2 GB of internal memory, which allows your children to save all the new apps that they download, save games and e-books, and even pictures and videos.

You can customize the Innotab 2 depending on your child’s preferences, and you can set up accounts for up to 2 different users at one time. Each account can have its own photo wallpaper, avatar, vocal and text greeting, and more, and no account will interfere with the other, so the data can be different for each user of the tablet.

If 2GB of internal memory is not enough for your child to save data and app progress to, then you can also purchase a microSD card up to 16GB to insert into the unit, so the memory expansion can accommodate even more music, pictures, videos, and apps.

Leappad 2

The Leappad 2 has 4GB of internal memory, which makes it one of the better tablets on the market. It allows your child to save their current progress on apps and games, and it also allows them to save pictures and videos as well as music and their favorite e-books. There is a 5-inch touchscreen on the unit, which gives your child more interactive capabilities.

New to this tablet are both front-facing and rear-facing cameras, so your child can experience the joy of recording their favorite moments and preserving them forever. Now, not only can they take pictures of themselves and their friends, but they can also record what is going on in the world around them.

There are 5 pre-installed apps on this machine, so your child can play with it as soon as you take the machine out of the box. However, 5 apps won’t keep them entertained forever, so you also have the capability to download hundreds of other apps to the device and store them in one central location for your child to access at any time.

You can program your child’s math homework and spelling lists into the Leappad 2, which gives them extra help on these key issues that are so critical to their development.

Battle Of The Benefits

Each of these tablets is an excellent choice to help your child improve his or her academic skills, but which one offers the most benefits? When comparing the innotab 2 vs leappad 2, it is important to analyze the benefits of each and then decide which tablet is the better option to meet your child’s unique needs.

The Innotab 2 is a great investment in that it offers your child the capability to experience the world through music, photos, videos, hands-on games and activities and more. It can be personalized to meet their needs, and children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through third or fourth grade can definitely get all the academic skills they need by playing with this tablet. Your kids can take notes, draw pictures, interact with their favorite e-books, and store all their favorite apps, music, and more in one place. You can even expand the memory of the unit by purchasing a 16GB microSD card, allowing your child to store even more types of data into the unit if they choose to.

Of course, the Leappad 2 also has its own array of benefits for your child. It offers 4GB of internal memory, so they are able to store their favorite games, apps, and more. There are two different cameras built into the machine, and you can store over 325 different game cartridges and apps. This particular unit allows for more hands-on academic work, because you can upload your child’s schoolwork directly to the device and allow them time to practice at home so they will be prepared for their tests later on.

What Your Kids Will Love

Each tablet has at least one thing that sticks out and sets it apart as unique from its rival in one way or another. Here are a few of the features associated with each that your child is certain to enjoy for a long time:

Innotab 2:

innotab 2 vs leappad 2


  • ·         The art studio and included apps
  • ·         The fact that you can purchase the Innotab 2 in their favorite color
  • ·         The front-facing camera

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Leappad 2:

lappad 2 vs innotab 2


  • ·         The dual cameras
  • ·         The range of games and apps available for download
  • ·         Full customization of the device according to their preferences


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There are many similarities and differences between these two devices. In order to find the right device for your child, you really just need to assess the types of features that you want the tablet to have, and then make your choice based on that information.

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