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Innotab 2 Downloads

So, you have bought your children an Innotab 2 and now you are probably wondering where to get Innotab 2 downloads from. The good news is that there are a few sites where you can download apps for an Innotab. I almost want to buy myself an Innotab when I look at all the cool software downloads that are available. Downloads such as Disney Cars and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are just two of a huge list of great software titles that your kids are sure to love.

Featured Photo Credit: Innotab 2 at Amazon

Innotab 2 Downloads At Amazon

The best Part about the Amazon versions of the Innotab 2 Downloads is that they are sent direct your Learning Lodge account for download to your device. Amazon downloads are usually cheaper and the fact that you have an electronic copy is good news too. As we know kids lose things all the time and it is quite easy to misplace a game cartridge. The Innotab downloads is a relatively new product that Amazon offers and as such only has a limited amount of reviews. Those customers who have bought a downloadable Innotab game from Amazon have given good reviews. The games in cartridge form all have excellent ratings with an average of 4.5 stars for most of them.

Amazon has some well priced apps and games you can see a some of them Here. If you decide to do an Amazon search yourself, search for Innotab Downloads and you will be looking for the ones that say [Game Connect] in the title. The Game Connect titles are the downloadable versions.

If you haven’t already paid a visit to then you probably should, that way you can download the Learning Lodge software. The Learning Lodge software is where you get all the downloadable content. You can purchase games and apps from the Lodge or you can have them sent there from Amazon. Normally with every purchase of any type of Innotab you will recieve a few free apps that you can access through the Lodge.

If you still aren’t quite sure you want to buy an Innotab yet, take a look at our Leappad 2 Vs Innotab 2 comparison, it may help you decide which one suits your kids better. You can also check out where we have found a few of the best places to find helpful customer reviews of the Innotab range.

Enjoy downloading some great educational apps an fun games for your kids. You will have almost as much fun if you join in as well.

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