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How to Make Learning Fun for Kids

To make learning fun for kids is easier than you may think. First of all, you must be willing to have fun yourself. Sometimes the approach to teaching kids takes on a routine that is focused around the family’s hectic schedule and does not create an atmosphere for learning, much less having fun.

Learning can be fun for the parents and the kids. It just takes a little planning ahead and setting aside the right time, place and attitude that is conducive for learning. Being successful in making learning fun will require a few important elements that need to be accomplished:

  • Attitude is Key
  • Be Prepared
  • Do Your Homework
  • Define the Objective
  • Have Fun Yourself

Learning To Finger PaintHave as Many First Time as Possible

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Attitude is Key

A good time to make learning fun is when your mind is free of clutter. Mind clutter happens to all parents, but it is not the best time for learning and fun. If your mind is elsewhere, the child will know that they are not the focus and may lead to disinterest, bad behavior and defeat.

Parents have an amazing gift of being able to multi-task. However, try to leave multi-tasking behind during the time that you are doing an activity for fun and learning.  It is important to have a positive atmosphere that promotes both learning and fun. In order for a child to learn and have fun in the process, they need to feel that they are the focus of your attention. A scenario for success and having fun while learning is to limit distractions for both you and the child.

Be Prepared

How many times have you done an activity, but have not read all of the instructions, had all of the right supplies, have not done one in advance to make sure the directions are correct? This has happened to me on more than one occasion. A first grade teacher I know always does every activity at home at least once before she tries it with her first graders to make sure that everything comes out as it should. Sometimes an activity is just meant to be scrapped. Do not take it personal, just move on to something else.

There are so many activities these days for children. What is interesting and practical for one child may not be for another. Try to tailor the activities to fit the child. Broadening a child’s window to the world is great, but some activities are just plain boring or of no interest. Try to fit the activity to the child’s interest. Introduce new interests, but always stay within an area that you know will be attractive to the child.

Learning timeCreate and Play

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Do Your Homework

Make sure that the activity is age appropriate. This is one of the most important considerations to make learning fun for kids. Some of the most epic failures in making learning fun for kids are caused by activities that are not age appropriate. The cause for this is that sometimes we think our kids are more intellectually or physically capable than they are. On the flip side, nothing puts a damper on making learning fun for kids faster than an activity that is meant for a child younger than the one you are working with.

Define the Objective

Every activity that is going to lead to making learning fun for kids needs an objective. While planning your activities decide what it is that you want the child to take from the activity. The objective can be anything from learning a life lesson, improving fine or gross motor skills to helping them learn fractions.

The objective can be achieved through writing, drawing, an outdoor activity or even a simple craft. Whatever the activity, make sure that the activity reflects and meets the objective. If the objective is not clear, then your activity will not be as successful.

The first objective in any learning activity should be to make the learning activity fun.

Learn by ExperienceLearning By Experience

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How to Make Learning Fun for Kids and Have Fun Yourself

The key to how to make learning fun for kids is to have fun yourself. Some of the other issues can be overlooked if you are both having fun. Kids have an innate way of knowing how adults are feeling and if the adult is not engaged and not enjoying the activity, neither will the child.

When kids know that an adult is just going through the motions, they often times either act out or check out. You do not want either of these things to occur. If this happens, there goes all of your hard work. More importantly, there has been no learning, and no fun.

How to make learning fun for kids can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it, depending on what you are teaching and how involved and detailed your activity is. As you know, kids are sponges and they will soak up everything and anything that they are close to. The most wonderful thing that you as a parent can experience from teaching kids is to watch them learn. It is truly amazing. If they are having fun while they are learning, and you are having fun while you are teaching and watching them, then everyone wins.

I love being a dad

Sometimes you learn simply when you have fun, after all some of us actually need to learn how to have fun.

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