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How To Make Butter With Kids

Do you want to know how to make butter with kids? Well, you have come to the right place! I will show you how easy it is to make butter. There is nothing better than good quality butter and making butter with kids is great fun. Watching cream transform into butter before your eyes is very rewarding and your kids will love it.

When making butter with kids you won’t even need any fancy tools or ingredients and the butter making process is so simple. The best part about making your own butter is that you and your kids can have a bit of fun. Then afterwards when you have a golden lump of homemade butter you get to spread it on lovely warm fresh bread or hot scones.

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What You Will Need.

To turn cream to butter you will need:

1 Glass Jar

1 Bottle of Cream

To wash the butter you will need:

1 Big Bowl of chilled water.

If you want to keep your butter for more than a day or two you will need:

1 Pinch of salt to taste

1 Grease Paper to Wrap


I found that a small jar like a baby food jar was the easiest thing to use. The small diameter of the jar means that little hands can easily grip it and it is also a lot easier to shake a small jar of cream opposed to a large jar of cream.

Small air tight plastic containers that won’t leak are also suitable and are recommended if you’re worried about broken glass. A lot of butter making techniques call for putting marbles in the container to help churn the cream around, but glass marbles can chip when hitting each other or the sides of a glass jar, so I would advise against doing this.

This brings us to what type of cream you should use. The best cream to use would be raw cream from grass fed cows which is the most natural and fresh sort of cream you can get. If you don’t have ready access to dairy farmers or a farmers market, then cream from a shop will do fine. Whipping Cream, Thickened Cream and even Double Thick Cream will all make butter. I used Thickened Cream and the butter turned out great.


Time To Start Shaking.

So the first thing you need to do is simply fill up your jar or container around about half way. You will then want to make sure that you fasten the lid nice and tight, although kids may find it funny, it is not ideal to have cream fly all over the place.


Now all you need to do is get your kids to shake the jar of cream or they can roll it along the ground. The butter will take a while to form and the more vigorously the jar is shaken the quicker it will happen.

With good vigorous shaking you can turn cream into butter in just a few minutes.

The cream will be whipped before long and it starts to feel a lot harder to shake. Even though the creams feels like it is no longer moving around, rest assured that the process is still occurring.

The key part of how to make butter with kids is shaking and lots of it. Don’t stop shaking until your jar of cream turns lumpy and yellow with thin sloshing milky liquid, then and only then have you successfully made butter.

make butter with kids

After all the shaking you will have a lovely lump of butter in the jar along with some milky looking liquid, this is buttermilk. Buttermilk can be used in cooking and even as a refreshing beverage, so you don’t need to throw it away. You can find some great tasty recipes that use buttermilk. Open up the lid of your jar and pour the buttermilk into another jar and place in the fridge. Now you have some lovely yellow butter and if you are going to use the butter right away you can go right ahead and do so now.


Washing Your New Butter.

If keeping you butter is the plan then it is time to wash your butter.

Believe it or not washing your butter is just what it sounds like. The washing of the butter is to remove any leftover buttermilk that is trapped in pockets inside the lump of butter. Buttermilk will cause the butter to sour quickly.

To wash your butter get a bowl of cold water, the colder the better as it will keep the butter solid and stop it from sticking to the bowl or your hands. You can add a few ice cubes or put the water in the freezer to cool it. Now all you need to do is place your ball of butter into the water and knead it and squeeze it. You will notice the water start to turn milky; this is the leftover butter milk being pressed out of the butter.

Drain off the water from the bowl and repeat it, do this until the water remains clear to be sure that all the buttermilk has been removed from your butter. You can use Butter bats for this process it is cleaner and less messy but you will want a much bigger bowl.

Your kids can help you with this part  as well, just make sure they aren’t too rough with the butter and that they keep it in the cold water otherwise your new butter will melt from their warm little hands.

How To Make Butter


Homemade Butter Is The Best.

You and your kids have successfully made your very own butter. It is really quite amazing that you can turn a thick liquid like cream, into a solid and a liquid just by shaking it. The best part comes when you can spread it on some nice warm fruit bread or a lovely crusty piece of toast. It is a great fun and a good educational exercise to make butter in a jar with your kids. One things for sure, it will help use up some of that energy that kids seem to have so much of.


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