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Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids to Make

There is nothing like helping your little one create the perfect card when Valentine’s Day rolls around. From heart-shaped cards to handprints, there are many Homemade valentine cards for kids to make. Pick one idea or try them all! What a wonderful way to spend time with your favorite little sweetheart! We suggest using red, white or pink construction paper for each craft, but you are always welcome to use other colors. Feel free to add glitter, confetti and other fun adornments. If your children are very young, you may need to help them with some of the steps for each craft.

Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids to Make Photo by Ur Kids World

Heart-Shaped Card: 

This is a very simple card that can be made with white, red or pink construction paper. The first thing you will do is fold the paper in half. Keeping it folded, help your child draw and cut out one side of a heart, similar to the way you would make a snowflake. Unfold the cutout to reveal a heart with even sides. Your child can glue on a smaller heart, write a sweet message or draw a picture in the card.

Arrow Through a Heart: 

Help your child to cut out a heart-shaped card, just as we did in the previous idea, or simply draw and cut out a full size heart. Use a pair of scissors to make two diagonal slits in the heart. Your little one can then slide a brand new pencil or colorful drinking straw through the heart.

Lollipop Holder: 

When it comes to thinking up Homemade valentine cards for kids to make, a simple treat can go a long way, and your little one will love this idea. Whether or not you cut the card into the shape of a heart is completely up to you. Let your child write a message or decorate the card, but advise her to leave a little space for the lollipop. You can either cut one slit in the card and slip the lollipop through or simply tape it to the inside of the card.

Heart or Flower on a Stick:

Hearts and flowers are both symbols of Valentine’s Day, and this is the perfect card idea for kids. Have your child draw out a large heart or flower, or see if they have an idea of their own. Cut out the shape and have your child write in a short but sweet message. Glue or tape a long craft stick to the back of the shape and you have unique Valentine’s Day card.

Candy Cane Hearts: 

Who said Homemade valentine cards for kids to make cannot include a bit of the winter season or other holidays? Candy canes are usually available throughout the winter season, and this is perfect for creating a unique card. It may be easier to use a regular card rather than heart-shaped, but this is up to you. Glue or tape two wrapped candy canes towards each other to resemble a heart. Your child can decorate the rest of the card and her recipient can enjoy a different treat.

Handprint Hearts: 

This is the perfect card to make for your spouse, or both parents if you are another relative. Pour red and/or pink finger paint onto a paper plate, one plate for each color, and let her dip her hands in the paint. Help her to carefully place her handprints on a white piece of construction paper, with her index fingers and thumbs resembling a heart. Once the paint dries, let her decorate and sign her name to create a timeless Valentine’s Day card.

(See here for our recipes for homemade finger paint for babies)

Bag of Sweets: 

Fill up a Valentine’s Day goodie bag with Teddy Grahams, Gummy Bears, Sweethearts, homemade cookies or another treat. Are you wondering where the Valentine’s Day card comes in? Your little one will decorate and sign a small card, which will also act as the gift tag. Poke a hole into the corner of the card and use a ribbon to not only attach the card, but to tie the bag closed as well. You can also do the same thing for a single Valentine’s Day cupcake.

Roll It Up: 

Homemade valentine cards for kids to make do not have to be geared towards younger kids only, and older kids may enjoy this sophisticated card. Have your child write out a message, poem or draw a photo on a piece of white or colored paper. She will then roll the paper up carefully -with her contents on the inside- and gently tie a piece of red or pink ribbon around the paper to keep it rolled up. These Valentine card ideas for kids to make are perfect gifts for the family, friends, classmates and teachers! Your little one will love getting crafty and making something special. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Valentine Card Ideas for Kids to Make



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