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Homemade Mother’s Day Gift For Kids To Make

Making Mother’s day Gifts with your kids.

A homemade mother’s day gift is the greatest gift your kids can give their mother on mother’s day. Homemade Mother’s day gifts for kids are great fun for dad and the kids to enjoy making for that special lady in their lives.

Gifts like this are also especially loved by Mother’s because they are unique and created by their special little children. There are so many different mother’s day projects you can create with your kids, I came up with this one for my partners first mother’s day, we are going to add to it every year.

homemade mothers day gift for kids to make

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Unfinished Timber Boxes

Any type of unfinished or raw timber box is perfect for a project like this.

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Creating a Unique gift for Mother’s Day

For this project we used a raw/unfinished wooden box, Non Toxic Acrylic paints and Paintbrushes.

The paintbrushes were used for the initial painting of the base coat and for the writing as well.

Once the box is base coated it is time to get messy. Doing hand print painting with babies can be frustrating and very, very messy. So with that in mind I decided to simply give our little boy the box and let him go for it.

He was 6 months old at this stage and he just bashed away at the box and rubbed his hands all over it. This method worked well as it becomes a completely unique painting done by a baby. The lid was the one place I wanted one good handprint and that took a bit more patience and care. I placed my hand print on the box first and then I helped my little guy do his, every year from now on our little boy will add to it for his mother.


Quality Acrylic Paints

Choosing Paints

We have a large collection of Non-toxic Artists Acrylics at home that we have collected for years. These were easy to use and were on hand when I decided to do this project. This year is our second year and I got my partner to pick a color for the new family hand painting tradition.

You can choose any sort of paint that you feel comfortable using, as long as it you the same type of paint year after year. I would always pick something non-toxic just on the off chance your babies hands make it to their mouth.

You also don’t have to use paints, maybe you would prefer to use ink on paper and then coat the timber box in the paper. The options with this type of project are endless and you can have a lot of fun creating your own unique homemade mother’s day gifts for kids to get involved in.

Homemade mothers day gift

This year an aqua color was chosen and I think it looks really good.


Each year my aim is to try and get our son to add at least one good handprint to the box. On this handprint I intend to write the date in black paint using a fine brush so that one day we can all look back and see the handprint change year to year.

Adding dates to projects and other similar craft creations is a good idea as you never know how the passage of time will warp your recollection of what has happened. In this case remembering what color was used which year will be the hard part especially as he gets a little older and the changing of our son’s hand size may not be as noticeable.


Paintbrushes and Pallettes

Darice 11-Piece Painting Set with Brush Assortment and Palette

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Paintbrushes are useful for base coats and fine writing on a painted box like this. The palette also comes in handy if you want to mix a color for a specific look. They are also great with applying paint to your babies hands, you can either spread the paint on the palette and get your kid to press their hand onto it or you can just use a paintbrush and paint it onto their hands, whichever works better for you.


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