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Homemade Christmas Cards For Kids To Make

Your child undoubtedly has several special people in their lives. What’s a better way to spread some holiday cheer than having the kids make homemade Christmas cards for all of them! Kids love Christmas and love making projects, so your child will be sure to have a good time. An afternoon of card making is a great way to help your child express themselves and spend time with your family. Try one or all of these homemade Christmas cards for kids to make.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card


Photo By: Nikimeiners at Crafts Unleashed.

This washi tape Christmas tree card from Crafts Unleashed is pretty, quick, and easy. Preschoolers LOVE tape. Especially washi tape since it has all those cool designs. The youngest kids may need help tearing the tape, but most are fascinated with trying if you show them how. There are some variations of this project out there. If you don’t have washi tape you can use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper strips, fabric strips, or ribbon for the same effect. Head over to Crafts Unleashed and try out this great idea. 

Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Card

chalk christmas lights

Photo By: Chelsey at Buggy and Buddy

Wow! Chelsey at Buggy and Buddy has a great original Christmas light card. I love the “glowing” look of the lights on this card. It only requires a few supplies and achieves such a unique look. This is a good one for preschool kids or older, since they will need to be able to have fairly good control with a piece of chalk to achieve the desired results. This idea is incredible and I really hope you head over to the site and give it a go.

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Card


Photo By: Kimara at Wee Folk Art

These are nice, colorful, homemade Christmas cards for kids to make from Wee Folk Art. I like the look of painting the sky in the background and adding the snow. My favorite thing about this design is that it uses some non-traditional holiday colors but still looks festive. Kids love making things colorful and even younger ones can make this easy card.

Stained Glass Card


Photo By: Kathy Barbro at Art Projects For Kids

This original card from Art Projects for Kids is great for elementary school aged children.  The use of oil pastels can be a good way for a child to experiment using something a little different than they might normally use to create their art.  Art Projects for Kids also has several how-to-draw posts featuring Christmas characters such as Santa and Rudolph that kids might like to draw on their own cards as well.

Here are a few more great ideas:

Paper Scrap Ornaments and Negative Branches Cards

There are two fun cards in this post at Dilly-Dali Art. The paper scrap ornaments card is a great way for all the scrapbooking enthusiasts out there to use up your scrap stash. Or you can use some old magazines. Your child doesn’t have to be able to use scissors for this either, you can help or they could tear the paper for a different effect.

I also really love the negative branches card in this post. What an easy project and such a nice effect!  How gorgeous and festive this would look with some pine branches.

Gingerbread Men Stand Up Card

Red Ted Art has an absolutely amazing amount of homemade Christmas cards for kids to make, and a ton of other great projects as well. Your children will find that decorating their own gingerbread men cards is almost as much fun as decorating the real cookies! Just not quite as yummy! 😉 Adding a variety of decorations can make your child’s card as unique as they are.

Snowflake Christmas Card

This snowflake card from Kidspot Australia is a little bit different version of a snowflake. It has a simple design with a little sparkle added. And who doesn’t love a little sparkle on their Christmas cards?  Alternately, you could do the reverse of this project and have your child use the little dots from the paper punch and arrange them in a snowflake pattern. How’s that for some fine motor skills practice?

So Many Ideas to Try!

There are lots of ideas out there for homemade Christmas cards for kids to make, so try out these fun designs and your kids can make a whole stack of cards for all their friends and family!

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