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Great Beach Games For Kids

Head to the beach this vacation for some sun ‘n fun with your family! There is nothing more relaxing than a long stretch of golden sands, sparkling blue waters, the spray of the sea and glistening rocks. Long walks on the beach, wading in the water, a spot of swimming, riding the breakers and lying by the seashore with the spray on your face, these are a few of your favorite things. As long as your little one has plenty to do too!

The beach can be a great place for tots and teens, and all ages in between with fun beach games for kids. From building majestic sand castles to a thrilling game of frisbee or beach volleyball, get your entire family involved for a lovely time on the shoreline! Listed below are a few beach games to give your tiny tot a fantastic seaside experience.

Baby at the beach

Sandcastle Sculpting

Spades out, buckets at the ready! This is a favorite pass time at the beach with children and adults gearing up to build grand castles. Teach your kids sand architecture with wet mud, spades, buckets and a mug. You can have a fun competition with family too. This is a chance to let your imagination run wild with draw bridges and flags, moats and turrets. Carve out a splendid Harry Potter style Hogwarts castle and cast a magic spell so only you can get in! Building sand castles with the kids is always fun, a great activity for young and older children alike. Ensure your kids wear plenty of sunblock and a hat to protect them from the sun.

Etch and Sketch

Play sand pictionary with the tots. Etch and Sketch is a fun seaside game where you can draw out a movie, a word and theme on the sand and keep the kids guessing. Divide into teams with a time limit on guesses so you can throw in a bit of light competition to make the game more interesting. A good idea would be to create a summer theme with movies Surf’s Up and Madagascar, words like popsicle, pineapple, Hawaii and flip-flop. One of the more relaxing beach games for kids, the team with the most guesses and best sketches are the winner.

beach sand

Shell Shuffle

On your marks, Get Set and shuffle! Your kids will have to shuffle instead of run, but this game is oodles of fun! Scoop a fat pile of sand on a spoon, top it with a shell and ask your kids to get from one place to another without dropping the shell. This game works best with tweens and younger children but can be enjoyed by adults as well. It is simple yet challenging in its own way. Have a shuffling competition to add a bit of zing to the game!


There is nothing more fun than the quintessential beach game, the Frisbee. Divide into teams and toss the frisbee to each other. This is even more fun if you have a dog. Tossing the frisbee will really get your adrenaline going. A cool frisbee game is to set up plastic bottles in the sand and use the frisbee to knock off targets. See who makes the best score! Ensure you clear the bottles when you take a breather, but then get back into playing one of the best beach games for kids.

Scavenger Hunt

Bury tiny clues in shells, rock crevices and sand castles. Organize an exciting scavenger hunt that spans the length of the beach so the entire family is involved. Have little clues poking out from under a frisbee or through the towers of your sand castle. Drop a line in the picnic basket or under a colorful umbrella. If you are looking for active beach games for kids, this hits top spot! A nice way to explore the beach and teach your kids about marine life and animals. For slightly older kids, add a bit of learning with clues pointing to different types of rocks. Make sure your kids do not go deep into the water or pick up poisonous animals. Create a clever, engaging scavenger hunt for a beachside holiday with the kids you will never forget.

fun at the beach

Beach Volleyball

Featured in every TV show, movie and story about beaches, this game is now a popular beach tradition. The game works well with teens and adults, but you can get your tots to play as well. Steer your team to victory with a splendid serve or a super dive. Build up a nice appetite with an exciting game of beach volleyball.

Pick A Shell

Divide into teams, set a time limit and pick shells of a particular type. The team with the largest collection of shells at the end of the time limit wins. This is a great game for very young children exploring the beach for the first time. Adults can join in the fun too! You can choose to collect any shell you see in your path or pick a particular type of shell to make the game more challenging. At the end of the game, your little tot will have had a fun time and a lovely collection of shells!

Fun Beach Games For Kids

These beach games for kids should keep your tots, tweens and teens busy in the sand while you soak up the sun with a glass of iced tea and a nice, long foot massage for the perfect holiday!

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