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Gifts For One Year Old Boy

gifts for one year old boysYour gift will be the hit at the party when you follow this sound advice about purchasing gifts for one year old boys. At this age, boys will benefit from toys that encourage large motor skills, like pushing, pulling, and learning to ride on a “ride-along” toy. If your toy is educational, that is a big plus. Educational toys for one year old boys might include things like music, levers, gadgets, and repetitive names, colors, and numbers. You will find that many of these devices also focus on fine motor skills that help in the overall development of the one year-old.

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Vtech Ride On Train

This toy has been deemed educational, fun, and it encourages large motor skills like pushing or pulling,. The Alphabet Train can contribute to hours of fun for a one year-old just taking his first steps, but the fun will linger long after. You will find the Vtech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train has a book on the side with pages that create interaction with the child. There are buttons to be pushed and music to be played. Blocks that come with the train have letters on them. When the letter-blocks are inserted in the train, the train gives you a word that starts with that letter. A picture of the word is also on the block. A one year-old can spend all day discovering new sounds, shapes, and adventures as he plays with the Alphabet Train.

Best gifts for one year old boy

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LeapFrog Groove Musical Table

Get your one year-old moving and grooving to LeapFrog’s Learn and Groove Musical Table. You will find the table can act as a support for your adventurous one year-old, But, before long he will be moving and grooving to the music the table creates. Forty melodies and fifteen fun activities are just waiting for the hand of your little one to bring them to life. The Musical Table introduces numbers and shapes; and even starts your one year-old learning to count to ten in Spanish and English. If you think the music will get annoying, think again. There are some great tunes included. You can set the melodies to words only, music only, or both at the same time. An interactive book sits right on top.

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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Workbench

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench gives your one year-old a place to pound on nails that light-up and play music. Sitting down and giving your toddler a little tutorial on this fun workbench will go a long way in helping him discover the fun adventures he will find with this toy. You’ll have a great time, too. The Workbench comes equipped with a colorful paint roller and tools that create sound effects as they are moved. You will be amazed at all the gadgets and sounds the workbench has to offer. Your child can sing to the tunes and giggle to his heart’s content. As an educational toy, the workbench introduces your child to numbers, letters, and shapes. The sturdy legs will steady your one year-old as he bangs the hammer on the nails and enjoys a great interactive work day.

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Toy Car Carrier Truck

This is a car carrier that comes equipped to introduce your child to colors, numbers, and animal names at the push of a button. When you put an animal in the driver’s seat, you will hear the name of the animal. The Vtech Pull and Learn Car Carrier has a proximity sensor that adds to the fun, since the cars and animals are removable the toy places sounds as the cars are moved around near the Car Carrier. Fine motor skills are enhanced by the activities connected to this toy. You can also play with a push-button CB radio that fits nicely into the toy but can be removed for fun at a distance.

Car Carrier Toy

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Megabloks CAT Dump Truck

This lightweight, heavyweight dump truck is a must when choosing gifts for one year old boy. The truck comes with 25 blocks and a construction worker to put in the driver’s seat. The bright yellow, big Vehicle Dump Truck looks like the ‘real deal’ and comes ready for its first  construction job. Your child can push, pull, and dump the cargo of this truck when it is full. You also get construction pieces that will help you set up your own construction zone. The Megabloks CAT Large Dump Truck is also  great fun when teamed up with your Megablok blocks.

Kids Dump Trucks

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Interactive gifts for one year old boy, will enhance your toddler’s development. Sights and sounds stimulate his mind and calls his find motor skills to action. During this stage of development, the toys he plays with will contribute to the way he grows and develops.

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