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Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

Do you have a ten year old girl on your gift list? Then you are probably looking for great gift ideas for 10 year old girl. A child’s birthday or christmas is always an occasion for fuss and frolic! Finding gifts for ten year old girls isn’t always easy so gift your little tot with an exciting and engaging present for her tenth birthday and see her face light up! Outlined below are six great gift ideas for ten year old girls that not only provide entertainment but foster creativity, improve deductive reasoning, logic skills, and develop your child’s motor skills! Moreover, these presents are ideal for gifting on other special occasions and festivals that spring up throughout the year.

HedBanz Game

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This is a fast-paced and engaging fun question game that ten year olds will enjoy. The aim of the game is for the participant to guess the person or thing he or she is masquerading as, with a series of yes or no questions and answers. This is played in two groups of six or eight players, where each group draws on an identity card that depicts an object, animal, food or personality. All but the player who draws the card can see it. The chosen player from the group will then place the card facing away from him or her on a headband and display it to the rest, and will attempt to figure out the identity of the depiction on the card through a series of questions to which the others only reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The player has to guess before the clock runs out to win!

This game has a simple yet brain tickling concept.. Many parents consider the pictures as fun, whacky and crazy, that draw a hearty laugh with each round. This interactive game brings everyone together in a torrent of rapid activity and keeps the brain ticking. Also, many adults claim that the game helps to develop logic skills and quick thinking, enhances vocabulary and fosters clear thinking thus improving a child’s written ability. Several parents highly recommend HedBanz for sleepovers, family game night, and children’s parties!

4M Magnetic Tile Art

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This game allows children to turn ordinary tiles in beautiful art forms, designs and patterns. Children can then attach magnets to the tiles and display their creations on fridges, cupboards and study desks. The kit includes a paint brush, paint strip and tiles of different sizes. A simple, straight forward game, the objective is to be creative and come up with pretty tile designs. Excellent for young children, the game develops the child’s imagination, introduces them to the beauty of art and encourages young minds to explore their creativity!

The tiles are durable, the colors are vibrant and appealing to children of all ages and the magnets are a great idea to encourage kids to paint and put up their work. Parents have reported a surge of interest in their kids towards painting, drawing, sketching and other creative arts after using the tile kit. That is why this makes this one of the most perfect gift ideas for 10 year old girls.

Clue! The Classic Edition

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Put your child’s deductive reasoning to the test and bring out the inner detective in him or her with Clue! The aim of the game is to apprehend the fugitive, charged with murder in a mansion. Players are in a race to figure out the whodunnit, the modus operandi, the weapon the used and other nitty gritties of the crime. The first player to make the right accusation wins! The game is perfect to let loose the adventurous streak in ten year old girls and works well with three to six players, adding more mystery and suspects to the game!

This is a great game for family and friends of all age groups; engaging, challenging to the brain and ensures hours of enjoyment! Most parents have reported that their kids no longer spend hours in front of the television, turning instead to this game for fun. The game improves logical reasoning, powers of deduction, observation and quick thinking. One of the truly excellent gifts for ten year old girls, this classic version has a wonderful board game layout, great presentation and concept!

Candy Wrappers 1000 Piece Puzzle

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If your child loves jigsaw puzzles, the Candy Wrappers 1000 piece puzzle will be an absolute treat! The product is of 100% recycled material, and will keep your children occupied for hours, as they try to figure out where the pieces go. The theme is attention-grabbing, the puzzle challenging and presentation is excellent with bright colors and patterns. The well-cut, smooth pieces are just perfect to keep hold the child’s interest.

Many parents who purchased this for their kids noticed that the game improves the child’s observation and reasoning skills. The puzzle is well presented, the pieces are smooth and well-cut, a comfortable size to hold in the hand, and the theme is interesting, prompting children to observe color patterns, hues and designs! Quite a challenging puzzle, it draws the entire family together! 

Creativity For Kids Fabulous Flowers Hair Accessories

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A great gift for girls around ten years of age, this kit will keep lil’ hands busy in making great hair accessories for little girls. The kit includes a head band, elastic pony tail holders and hair clips. Girls will enjoy using crystals, glitter gel accents and rhinestones to decorate hair accessories and accent the flowers with markers. A creative, interesting game for girls inclined towards arts and craft.

Many adults who have gifted this to little girls have said that their girls love the hair accessory kit! Several parents also add that the kit fosters creativity and color matching. Young fashionistas can spend endless hours creating patterns and designs. A highlight of this product is that children are encouraged to design more accessories as they can showcase their designs on their hair!

Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

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An interesting and unique art and craft kit; this Stamping set product encourages children to stamp pictures of animals, birds, rainbows, hearts, flowers, balloons and other objects and then fill in with vibrant colors.  The set includes five colored pencils for coloring, sketching and scribbling and two pads of washable ink, easy for parents to clean after their children are done with showcasing their day’s creative streak! The pieces can be neatly stowed in a wooden storage bin with a transparent lid.

Parents have marked this product high for creativity, concept and convenience! Excellent for making cards, the stamp kit can be used for hours together to create an entire scene, greeting card or picture with various plants, animals and objects! Parents report the game improves motor ability and enhances co-ordination skills. What better gift for a ten year old girl is there!

Great Arts and Crafts Gifts for Girls

Chose from among these exciting products to gift your little ten year old princess on a special occasion or on any day for that matter; and watch her squeal in delight!

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