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Fun Baking Ideas for Kids

Fun Baking Ideas for Kids - Urkidsworld.comKids love baked goodies, we all know that! But have you thought how fun and educational it would be for your kids to give you a helping hand the next time you plan to bake? There are plenty of easy baking recipes for kids that they can learn in a jiffy. It’s a fun way to get them involved in family activities and also learn a new skill that they could have a passion for till they’re all grown up!

With a vast array of fun things to bake with kids, you can get your child to learn to be productive and also make baking a fun activity in your household. Your child is sure to be excited to be a part of something and will definitely be enthusiastic about baking yummy treats with you! These fun baking ideas for kids are a favorite among mommies across the world!


Fun Things to Bake with Kids

Out of all the wonderful recipes that are available and would be fun for kids to bake, there are three that have been picked out for their deliciousness and their simplicity. Kids love munching on them and there’s no doubt that they’ll have an awesome time baking them as well! Here we go!


Roll-out Sugar Cookies:

kids-sugar-cookies by Flycatcher

Photo Courtesy of Flycatcher at

This is a great easy to bake recipe that your kids will love helping you with. Imagine working in the kitchen with your kids and filling your home with the sweet aroma that only baked goods can give you! The kids will love cutting the cookies into different shapes before they go into your oven. Let them play around with the shapes. Who cares what they look like as long as they are yumm-o?

Once the cookies are baked and ready, you and your kids can start decorating them in any way you like, using icing, sprinkles, frosting, etc. They’ll look super and taste even better since the cookies were baked with a team effort! This easy recipe will give you delicious cookies that will make your kids want seconds and thirds! This certainly is one of the most easy baking recipes for kids, that you will ever find! My friend flycatcher had help from a 4 year old with this and it certainly looks like a lot of fun!

See the whole step by step method and recipe at Roll Out Sugar Cookies – Baking with kids.


Cranberry Cornflakes Cookies:

This is a simple recipe that requires the usual supplies for baking cookies and a 100 grams of cornflakes that have been roughly crushed ( your little one is bound to love crushing the cornflakes!) and dried cranberries. Any kid will love this recipe and will be dying to take a bite while the cookies bake due to the sweet aroma that the crush cornflakes give off!

 They look a little wonky adding the fun factor to its look! They taste awesomely buttery, the cornflakes give them a nice crunch and the cranberries add a tangy flavor! What’s great about this recipe is that a little bit can go a long way as you can get many cookies out of a small mixture of the ingredients. So be prepared for your kids asking for more!

See the Recipe at Happy Home Baking


Chocolate Chip Cookie Tart:

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? It’s a favorite among everyone, young and old.  Can you imagine making a tart out of them? Amazing! Your kids will absolutely love helping you with this easy recipe.  Hot fudge sauce and ice-cream are a part of this treat, so you can be certain that it will become one of the favorite sweet treats in your home!

This tart is not only divinely delicious but it also looks awesome. When you and the kids are all done, you’ll be proud of what you accomplished together. Your kids will be excited that they had a part in baking a mouth-watering tart that is deliciously chocolaty and rich!     

This recipe makes a great dessert or tea-time snack. Get your young ones to help every time you bake this tart. As time goes, they will want to learn new recipes and help you bake more treats for them!

See the recipe and method at Cooking With My Kid


Benefits of Baking with your Kids

As mentioned earlier, cooking and baking with your kids is a fantastic way to get them to help at home, even if it’s just small tasks like mixing the batter for cookies or adding the ingredients. You teach them different skills such as measuring, counting, being organized, concentrating on the task at hand, etc. These skills will come in handy for the rest of their lives.

Another wonderful benefit of baking with kids is the bonding time you get. Working closely together and enjoying each other’s company are moments that hardly come by so it’s a great idea to make it a tradition to bake cookies, cakes and other treats with your kids while they’re still young. It will also give them cherished moments that they will never forget even after years!

Start getting more ideas for fun things to bake with kids and you and your kids can continue to bake delicious stuff. As they grow older, you can get more complex recipes and even get to bake them on their own under your supervision. Make wonderful memories of them with you in the kitchen and they will end up with a life-long passion for baking and cooking!

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