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Five Healthy Chicken and Pasta Recipes for Kids

Kids-chicken-pasta2Often kids are picky eaters and it becomes a problem to know what to make. After all, kids should like the food that they eat, eat it without fussing and the food should also be nutritious to meet the needs of growing children. When you make a combination of healthy chicken and pasta recipes for kids you do meet their protein and carbohydrate requirements. But the newest dietary guidelines stress on the importance of vegetables for their fiber and antioxidant content as well as the many nutrients that they offer. If you include vegetables in the healthy chicken and pasta recipes for kids, you will be going a long way to meet their daily needs for nutritious food. As a bonus, chicken and pasta dishes are easy to make and are a great one-dish meal.

Following are five healthy chicken and pasta recipes for kids that you can make easily!

Healthy Tomato and Chicken Pasta – with Hidden Vegetables for Kids:

This recipe is quick to make and easy as well. The vegetables include carrot, celery and spinach and the sauce is tomato based. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and provide lycopene. The vegetables are blended and pulverized in the blender and mixed into the sauce, so the kids will not know that they are eating vegetables. What is important is that you can actually add different vegetables in varied combinations so the dish turns out differently each time.

Healthy chicken pasta

Campanelle with Chicken and Pea-Mint Pesto:

The green sauce of this pasta dish is appealing to the eye and also offers great nutritional value. This pesto is made with fresh and flavorful mint leaves combined with peas that is run through the blender to make a delectable green sauce. Olive oil and chicken add additional flavor and protein value to the dish. When topped with parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts (for added crunch) the dish offers superior proteins to meet the needs of growing children. Find the full recipe and cooking instructions at Delish.

Easy Chicken and Mini Penne Casserole:

With different colored vegetables peeping through the white sauce, adding to the eye appeal, the mini penne is easy for small children to eat. This casserole is somewhat bland, so ideal for smaller children who do not like strong flavors. Peas, carrots, onion, celery, parmesan cheese and the main ingredients make for a complete meal and you can substitute the peas and carrots for other vegetable combinations, depending on what you have at hand.

Chicken Florentine Pasta:

This very detailed and step-by-step recipe with photos detailing the steps makes it easy for the novice and the expert cook to make. With tomatoes and spinach to add to the color and nutritional value of the dish, which is healthy and flavorful, this chicken and pasta dish is sure to become a favorite. However, for smaller children you may want to omit the white wine and use more chicken or vegetable broth instead. As the vegetables are very lightly cooked, this healthy chicken and pasta dish is ideal for older children.

Chicken Pasta Bake:

This baked chicken pasta dish includes broccoli and mushrooms for fiber and taste. Even the breadcrumbs used to top this baked dish are made with brown bread, adding to the nutritional value of this easy to make dish. You can, of course, substitute any other vegetables if broccoli is not handy or available or the kids don’t eat broccoli. You can also add any kind of mushrooms that you want. Milk, cheese and chicken add to the protein value of this dish.

Most healthy chicken and pasta recipes for dishes for kids can be made with any kind of pasta. If your kids find spaghetti difficult to eat, you can always use penne or other smaller pasta. For very small children who are not used to strong flavors you can use a blander cheese and omit the garlic in the recipes, adding herbs if required.

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