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Feed your child’s imagination and creativity with toys

photo (9)Kids can come up with the craziest ideas while they are playing, no matter what age they are. Their creativity and imagination blossoms and the next thing you know, you have front row seats to the most amazing shows in the world everyday! When a child’s brain develops enough to use his imagination, toys can play an important role in honing that imagination and creativity. With so many educational toys available these days, encouraging your child’s cognitive development is made easier and much more fun! You may have noticed that many kids these days either sit in front of the TV or in front of computers playing different games and it has become quite a huge problem. A majority of parents do not know how to get their kids to do things that are more productive. This is why introducing educational toys at an early age is a very important step for parents to take. Both indoor and outdoor games should be included, so that traditional playtime is maintained rather spending hours on end watching TV or playing video games.

Toys that feed kids’ imagination and creativity    

Educational toys that are super-fun and at the same time, encourage your child to think outside the box are plentiful nowadays. Parents are now becoming more aware of the importance of developing their children’s cognitive skills such as imagining and thinking, how they react to various environments, processing information as well as learning and keeping the information learnt in their minds. The earlier they start, the better it is for them.

Toys such as the Marble Run set are incredibly helpful in teaching kids about gravity, physics and construction. With many pieces to build whatever their imagination and creativity allow them, it is a fun way for kids to learn many new skills. LEGO has come up with many exciting new ways to build forts, castles and robots! Many young kids and their parents love LEGO due to the way the company’s sets encourage kids to get creative and use their imagination to build some amazing stuff, including robots!

Kids also have hi-tech gadgets that are designed especially for them to learn new things. The Leapfrog LeapPad 2 is one such gadget that kids will absolutely love! Educational songs, photo studio apps for photo editing and many other apps that are age-appropriate can be found for this wonderful gadget. For artistic children, the Magnetic Tile Art set is a great way to encourage children to use their creativity. Your little one’s imagination is sure to be encouraged and he will also develop a love for art!

How to encourage imagination during playtime

Kids love make-belief lands and scenarios and this is a great thing. Your child may be in a far-away land, going off on adventures and seeking fun. Why don’t you join in the fun and encourage your child’s make-believe world? Here are some super ways to encourage your precious one to use his imagination and creativity during play:

Play along:

Your kid is bound to come up with lots of fun and far-fetched ideas but that is the wonderful part about being a kid! You can go anywhere you want to or be whatever you want to. So the next time your little one comes jumping and telling you that he is flying high up in the sky, get your imaginary wings ready to and fly away with him!

Don’t exclude old-fashioned toys:

Toys that are considered old-fashioned are great tools to encourage a child’s imagination as well as creativity. After all, didn’t you have them while you were growing up as did your parents? Blocks, molding clay, art and craft kits, etc. are all wonderful time-tested ways that have never failed in opening up a child’s imagination.

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Keep electronic toys to a minimum:

Yes, many electronic gadgets can be cool learning tools for kids but it is mostly the gadget that is directing them rather than the other way around. Your child’s creativity will be stifled rather than developed and encouraged. This is why it is so much better to make sure that electronics are kept to a minimum.

Schedule alone-time:

You can always be there to play with your child and his toys to make sure that his creativity is being developed. However, it is also a good idea to make sure that he has a little alone-time with his toys too. It will teach your child to use his own resources to keep himself amused and learn a new skill or two on his own, which he will definitely proudly show off to you! Your child will grow up soon; it will definitely be too soon for you! But the day will come when his toys collect dust in a corner somewhere or stored away in a chest in the attic. As a parent, you need to make sure that every one of those toys taught your child important lessons and encouraged him to develop and use his imagination and creativity every time he played with them!

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