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Easy felt christmas ornaments to make with kids

Children love to help decorate the tree and make Christmas ornaments. Their decorations can be quite cute and can often hold some wonderful memories for parents. Felt ornaments are popular now and felt is the perfect budget friendly material for kids’ crafts. Plus they won’t shatter when really young children decide to take them off the tree and play (just watch for small parts). Here are some felt Christmas ornaments to make that will keep the kids busy and filled with holiday cheer.

Owl Ornament

christmas owl ornamentsPhoto Credit: Juicy Bits…

This wide-eyed and colorful owl will look wonderful on your tree, especially if you plan to use non-traditional colors to decorate. You could even work this into an animal or nature themed tree.  There are a few more parts to this one, so it would probably be good for elementary school aged children.  The parts can be sewn or glued.  Visit Juicy Bits for instructions and a downloadable template.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

felt christmas tree ornamentsPhoto Credit: Bugs and Fishes

Vintage Felt Baubles

felt baublesPhoto Credit: Bugs and Fishes

The great thing about these two projects is that there are a ton of different ways to decorate the trees and baubles. Different trims and ribbons, yarns or specialty fibers, buttons, sequins, pom poms, beads…the list goes on. If you have supplies left from other projects, these ornaments are a great way to use them up. And there are printable templates to make it extra easy for you. If your child has the skills, they can feel free to sew these projects as shown; otherwise glue should work just fine. Both of these ornaments are from Laura at Bugs and Fishes. This lady clearly knows her felt based crafts and if you’re as fond of felt as she is there are plenty of other projects here to keep you busy too.

Santa Ornament

santa ornamentPhoto Credit: The Long Thread

This ornament is a little bit different type of felt Christmas ornament to make, since the base of the ornament isn’t felt. The felt is only used to make the details. This Santa ornament from Ellen at The Long Thread is so easy and fast, your kids will be able to make a tree full.

Handprint Mitten Ornament

felt handprint mittenPhoto Credit: Happy Hooligans

These felt Christmas ornaments to make will definitely add that cute factor to the tree! Jackie at Happy Hooligans shows you how to create this ornament that will serve as a way to remember how little your kids once were for years to come. Handprint crafts are often appreciated by grandparents as well and can help your child add a personal touch to the gift giving. There are so many ways you could decorate these mittens, your child will want to make several.

Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments

Felt ornamentsPhoto Credit: Red Ted Art

There’s always something spectacular over at Red Ted Art. These felt Christmas ornaments to make will come together quickly and even have a little sound with the jingle bell. There is good sewing practice for beginners here since they only have to go around the edges.

Polar Bear Ornament

When kids think of Christmas, images of Santa, the North Pole, and winter are sure to come to mind.  And one of the most wintery North Pole things you can think of is a polar bear. This adorable arctic creature will warm your heart! Using different eyes and noses as Trish from Mom on Time Out suggests can make each bear as unique as your child.

Felt Wreath Ornament

Savannah at Ramblings adapted this project to be the perfect felt Christmas ornaments to make if you have a toddler or other beginning crafter. It could also be good for special needs kids and would be good practice for any child that needs to work on their fine motor skills. It is also quick which makes it good for young children or a child that would prefer to be on the go.

Felt Ornament with Puffy Paint and Pom Poms

This is another beginner level project that will look happy and colorful no matter how your child decides to decorate it. Kids are fascinated by pom poms, so your child will want to make several. Sara at My Merry Messy Life has the details.

Snowman Ornament

Even if you don’t have snow in the winter where you live, you can still use these felt Christmas ornaments to make your tree a little more festive. If you don’t want to use small beads for the eyes and buttons, use a marker or felt and a small hole punch instead. Bonnie at The Pin Junkie has the instructions and a template.

Enjoy Making These Great Felt Christmas Ornament

Use these felt Christmas ornaments to make your tree trimming even more fun. Have the kids work on them alone or you can help. And extras can make wonderful gifts for the special people in your child’s life. So get started making your holiday ornaments and memories today!

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