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Easy Duct Tape Crafts For Kids

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon of parent and child together time is with some easy duct tape crafts for kids.  Your kids may already know about duct tape crafts from their friends.  These crafts are all over the internet and this extremely popular crafting medium isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Maybe you and your kids have already tried some duct tape crafts and just need a few more ideas.  Or maybe you just need an easy project to get you started.  Either way, these easy duct tape crafts for kids will have your kids begging to do more!

Easy Duct Tape Craft For Kids

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart (cc licensed)


This is a good place to start if you haven’t done duct tape crafts before.  They can easily be used with any color or pattern of tape you want and none of them require too much time.


Duct Tape LanyardWristband Keychain, and Library Card Holder

Is your kid always losing track of his house keys, school ID, rec center pass or library card?  If yes, then these first easy duct tape crafts for kids should be on the top of your list!  This lanyard from Crafty Soccer Mom and the wristband keychain from 101 Duct Tape Crafts are very similar, with the keychain being smaller.  Just pick which one works for your kid.  If the ID or other card isn’t the kind that goes directly on a key chain, add the library card holder from Five Little Chefs.  Even older boys will like these, since duct tape comes in manly patterns like camouflage and their favorite NFL and NCAA teams.

Hair Bows, and Headband

Any little girl would love to make these hair accessories.  The hair bows from Somewhat Simple are easy enough for younger girls, a five or six year old could probably do it with some guidance.  The headband from Sophie’s World has a few more steps but still pretty basic.  It can be decorated with a wide variety of craft supplies allowing your girls to customize it with their own unique flair.

Coin PurseWoven Wallet, and Flip Wallet

There is definitely no shortage of duct tape purse and wallet tutorials out there, but these are probably the easiest. They’re all straight from the Duck® Brand Duct Tape Club website.

Camp Crafts

Does your family like to camp? These easy duct tape crafts for kids are useful for camping and outdoor activities and can be done to help prepare for the camping trip or during the trip if the kids need some “down” time.  They are also good crafts for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.

Colorful Walking Stick

This colorful walking stick at Crafts by Amanda will make a colorful addition to your next nature walk.  It’s easy enough for almost anyone and offers children the opportunity to embellish it in many creative ways.

Duct Tape Stadium Seat and Newspaper and Duct Tape Sit-Upon

These are two good, simple ways to make take-along seating.  The stadium seat from Making Friends has cushioning inside and a nice handle for carrying. If it is going to get serious outside use I would skip the foamies stickers and decorate it some other way.  The newspaper and duct tape sit-upon from Two Early Birds doesn’t have as much cushioning but is very easy to make, and would be easier to fold up and put in a backpack.  The duct tape makes both waterproof, an absolute must for camping!


The easy duct tape crafts for kids featured in this section are double the fun!  Your kids will have fun making them and then even more fun playing with them.  Get ready for hours of entertainment!

Lego Minifigure Cape

I had to start with this one since it is a personal favorite!  If there are any Lego minifigures around your house, you probably know the capes some of them have can get lost, curl up or tear.  Or maybe the Lego people just didn’t have the foresight to provide a cape for every single minifigure in your kid’s collection. Duct tape to the rescue!  See Frugal Fun for Boys for all the details.

Interlocking Cardboard Castle

This one is absolute genius!  This duct tape covered cardboard castle at Mer Mag is a great do-it-together project.  Perfect for hours of imaginative play!  If your kid isn’t into castles, I am sure Batman or Polly Pocket would love a custom abode ;)

CD/DVD Monsters

A monster themed craft really allows for a lot of creativity.  Your child will enjoy using duct tape to make these adorable monsters from Crafts by Amanda.

Trying a few new crafts is a fun way to spend time with your children.  All these projects are easy with plenty of opportunity for creativity.  So pick out your favorite easy duct tape craft for kids and let the fun begin!


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