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Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Anyone with kids knows they love making Christmas ornaments and helping decorate the tree.  They are always so excited about the holiday season.  A great way to contain all that excitement and keep them busy is with these easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make.  They will have your tree looking beautiful in no time!

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament


photo by: One Artsy Mama

More easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make are these snowmen from One Artsy Mama. Kids love snowmen and these adorable little snow people will give any tree a fun look, no snow required! With this tutorial you can make a whole tree full of them. Bottle caps are easy to come by and if you don’t use bottles with metal then you can always buy them in bags from the supermarket. I recommend this great little project for school age children and also for parents to help out with the hot glue. Head on over to One Arty Mama’s site to check out the full tutorial for these cool Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments.

Glittery Paper Towel Roll Stars


Photo by: Blog A La Cart

This creative sparkling ornament from Blog A La Cart is a simple way to reuse something we all have around the house. They’re so pretty you would never guess they started out as paper towel rolls!  Preschoolers would love this and you can always change it up by decorating the stars with different materials or paint. So go have a look at this wonderful tutorial and make yourself some pretty stars for your christmas tree. Glittery Paper Towel Roll Stars.

Two Great Ideas From Happy Hooligans

Simple Styrofoam Ornament

styrofoam ornaments

Photo by: Happy Hooligans

I love the look of this ornament from Happy Hooligans since it is a little different. It is good for all but the very youngest of kids. This would be a great project to reuse the packaging from any meat tray. I think it is particularly good because it recycles and gives the kids a fun activity to try. You must try it, see all the instructions at Simple Styrofoam Ornaments.

Scented Sandpaper Gingerbread Ornaments

gingerbread ornaments

photo by: Happy hooligans

Another one from Happy Hooligans, these sandpaper gingerbread men even smell like real cookies! YUM!  The little kids will love this one, and you will too. It brings all the fun and smells of decorating cookies without the day long sugar rush! This is a fantastic idea so go and check out the full tutorial at Scented Sandpaper Gingerbread Ornaments.

Icicle Ornaments


Photo by: Creative Connections for Kids

It doesn’t get any easier than this homemade ornament from Creative Connections for Kids. Are you tired of cleaning up those annoying store bought icicles that fall off the tree onto your carpet and stick to everything? Then have your kids make up a batch of these icicle ornaments and use those instead. With only two supplies needed it is easy enough even for younger kids (but watch the small pieces). This is a quick one too, so your kids will have the tree decorated in no time! Head on over to the tutorial at Icicle Ornaments.

Punched Tin Ornaments


Photo by: Fun in the Making

These are a good craft for anyone but I think elementary school aged boys especially would like it. The boys I know always jump at any chance they get to use tools, and this ornament from Fun in the Making offers some practice for those important hammering skills. You could even work in a history lesson if you wanted to. When trying it with kids turn the punched ornaments over and gently tap down any pointy bits of tin around the punch hole. The metal offers some sparkle without all the glitter.  These will look nice hung where the lights can shine through them. This is a great different idea, make sure you check it out at Punched Tin Ornaments.

Two more ideas to try out.

Bird feeder ornaments

Have an outdoor tree you want to hang a few decorations on? The ornaments featured atKate’s Creative Space would be a great option. These easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make are just shaped birdseed.  Good practice for kitchen skills too. Kids love to watch nature in action, so hang a few on branches with a window view and see what kind of birds come to visit.

Mosaic CD Christmas Ornament

Super pretty! This ornament made from old CDs from Natalie at Crème de la Craft will look absolutely beautiful reflecting the lights on the tree. This is one for the older kids since it involves advanced cutting and glass ornaments. It would make a nice gift too, something a little different from standard kids’ art.

Give it a Go and Have Some fun

Finding some easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make will keep them busy when they have to be inside and make your holiday decorating easier. Spend some time crafting with your kids and not only will you have some great tree decorations, but you will be making holiday memories as well!

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