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Easter Gifts For Toddlers

cool easter gifts for toddlersEaster is a fun time for kids of any age, but finding Easter gifts for toddlers can be challenging. Easter is a time full of Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy. Since you may not want to fill your toddler’s Easter basket full of candy, you may seek some fun alternatives. Here are some Easter gifts for toddlers, that are sure to please your little one this holiday.

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Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Matchbox Egg Hunt

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Dyeing eggs is an Easter tradition for many families, but the eggs themselves are too perishable for your toddler to keep around after finding them. This can be remedied with a Matchbox Egg Hunt. On the inside of each plastic egg is a mystery die-cast car that your toddler is sure to have fun with long after Easter is over. They will surely enjoy the novelty of finding toy cars inside their found Easter eggs. The plastic egg shells can also be reused for future Easters.

Easter Eggs With Toys Inside.

easter eggs with toys inside

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A lot of toys for toddlers are cute by default, and Easter toys are no different. Get into the festive spirit with Hide N Squeak Eggs. These cute half dozen eggs are all individually designed, and reveal chicks inside that squeak when you squeeze them.  Best of all, these are very cute and colorful chicks that are hidden inside. If you wish to store candy inside them instead, they are large enough to fit that too. These eggs are great not only because your toddler will love them, but they can be reused for many years to come. That kind of longevity doesn’t exist for a lot of seasonal products, and that’s what makes it one of the great Easter gifts for toddlers.

Play Doh Easter Eggs

play doh easter eggs

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Play Doh is a timeless children’s toy for good reason. It is fun, colorful, and what you can do with it is only limited to a child’s imagination. Just in time for Easter, the Play Doh 4 Pack Spring Easter Eggs are here, with fun pastel colors, and in a seasonal form your toddler will love. Since Play Doh is so fun and versatile, it will sure to be one addition to your toddler’s Easter basket that will stick around long after the holiday is over.

Easter Plush Toys

Plush Easter Bunny

easter toys for toddlers

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Melissa and Doug is a company famous for quality wood crafted toys for kids, but many people don’t know they dabble in plush toys too. Easter would not be the kid friendly holiday it is without the Easter bunny, and this year Melissa and Doug have you covered with the Plush Burrow Bunny. This plush rabbit is hand crafted and constructed with realistic polyester to simulate real fur. It is cute, cuddly, and guaranteed to be a hit with your toddler this Easter.

Small Soft Bunny

soft easter bunny

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Your toddler may be too small for conventional stuffed animals, or may prefer smaller ones. Whatever may be the case, if you were looking to buy them a plush bunny for Easter, then Bitty Rabbit Mini Flopsie is a good choice. This plush rabbit is double bean filled for durability, and is as cute and cuddly as they come. If you’re looking for something cute, small and durable for a plush toy this Easter, this would be a good choice.

Long Eared Easter Bunny

long eared easter bunny - soft easter gifts for toddlers

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Chocolate bunnies are an Easter basket staple. However, if you don’t want your toddler eating that much candy, then the Soft Toys Jellycat Bashfuls Bunny is a nice alternative. Its chocolate color will make it a perfect addition to any Easter basket, and will be around long after other chocolate Easter bunnies have been devoured. This chocolate bunny will be appreciated long after the holiday, making it one of the great Easter gifts for toddlers.

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies For Toddlers


Holidays are a special time for many, but especially for kids. Getting your toddler into the spirit of Easter should be easy with the right amount of preparation. With the tradition of family, festivities, and an Easter basket, it is sure to become one of your toddler’s favorite holidays. Treat your toddler to some of these gifts this Easter. You’ll be glad you did.

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