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Designer Baby Beddings: Save Time and Money

Once your baby finally falls asleep, you as the parent hope it will last throughout the evening. However, this usually ends up not being the case. Either way, every parent should be able to make the attempt in stylish and comfortable bedding. This is now possible with designer baby bedding. Bedding for babies is available custom made to order, and can be ready in under two months.

How to Get the Bedding You Want

It is possible for the designer baby bedding to be made with embroidery, and is also available in monogram print.  There is a plethora of styles that you could pick for your little one. This includes the fabric and pattern of the bedding, and any accessories you would like to add.  When choosing the fabric, you can also choose a single fabric swatch, or a fabric swatch set.

You have the freedom to be creative, and design a beautiful nursery for your newborn, in order to let your baby sleep in luxury. In addition, designer baby bedding is modern and unisex, and can be made to match nursery accessories as well.

Some Ad-Ons

Furthermore, you can choose from hundreds of modern, retro, and unique fabrics and sets.  You have the choice to choose blankets and bumpers, or you can even accessorise with clocks and artwork; all at an affordable price.  In addition, adding a zipper to the bumper is also becoming a popular choice. First of all, there are four main steps to take in order to create your own designer baby bedding. First, you have the chance to choose from hundreds of fabric swatches, in order make every choice in creating your dream nursery for your little one. You can also choose from unisex and neutral fabrics that are interchangeable, which are usually priced by yard.

Personalize the Bedding

The second category entails browsing through the beautiful fonts and patterns you could choose to personalize the designer baby bedding. For example, you can choose a font that you like for either the bumper, pillow, or even a matching lamp shade. Furthermore, you can decide to make it a single letter embroidery, or the baby’s full name.  If you would like to have something feminine and pretty, you can choose an Allegro font, or even a Cruick font for little boys. There are also gender-neutral prints to choose from, such as spotted prints for boys or even a flowery print for girls. You have the option to dress the crib up with ties, or make it more casual with solid color prints.

Furthermore, the third category includes browsing for monogramming and accessories for the designer baby bedding. This will give it a personalized touch, with just a hint of sophistication. Moreover, if you prefer to keep out the bumper, you have the option of adding a decorative bow, rail guard or crib sheet. In addition, if you are looking for a soft fabric that is easy to wash, that is also not a problem. The minky dot fabric is washable and will feel great against your baby’s skin.  Moreover, the last category allows you to create a full ensemble with a bumper pad, blanket, and a crib skirt.

Why Custom-Made Bedding?

There are also window treatments available in order to match your designer baby bedding that can also be custom made as well. In addition, you can choose a fabric of your choice (that you have seen in a store or online) and have it made in a matter of weeks. You have control over the fine details that you may not see anywhere else, including the length of the bows, ties or rail guards.

In addition, the designer baby bedding can be made at a fraction of the cost you would find at most retail stores.  After all the bedding, accessories and final touches, you could be paying close to $1000 at retail cost. However, choosing a fabric and having it hand-made can save you hundreds of dollars, and you could be paying as low as $300-$400 for a set of your choice.  With just a click of a button, you can act as the designer for the nursery, before your children become old enough to do it themselves.

This article was written by Alice Montgomery, who was glad to find affordable designer baby bedding before her baby came along.

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