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Christmas Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys

Every year, a large number of new toys hit the market just in time for the holidays, and choosing the right Christmas gifts for 4 year old boys can be a major challenge. The most popular gifts are sometimes based upon popular movies or TV programs made for children, but there are some classic toys that have a new spin that are quite popular too. Here are five great recommendations for Christmas gifts for four year old boys.

Featured Image Credit: Sliver the T-Rex VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Legos For 4 Year Olds: 

christmas gifts for 4 year old boys

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Lego is a product that you really can’t go wrong with and this awesome lego set with more than 700 pieces is one of the best boxed sets out there.The great thing about Lego products is that they can be played with over and over with no chance of becoming bored, because you build something new every time. Also, Lego sets are one of the most educational toys on the market today, teaching lessons like patience, spacial reasoning and architecture among others.This Ultimate Building Set includes Lego blocks and accessories like windows, doors and wheels to build everything from houses to cars, and even has pictures and building instructions to inspire imagination.

New Transformers Toys:

new transformers toys

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In the 80’s the Transformers were an extremely popular toy due to the cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings. Now, thanks to the three movie franchise Transformers is once again popular and this toy from PlaySkool is both safe, and one of the best Christmas gifts for 4 year old boys, because boys simply love Transformers. Another great thing about this particular Transformer is that it is very easy to convert it from robot form to vehicle and back again. For such a popular toy, the price (around twelve bucks) is very reasonable as well. See how much fun PlaySkool’s Chase the Police Bot Transformer can be for yourself.

Transforming Dinosaur Toys:

Transforming dinosaur toys

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This is a great toy because it offers the same changing fun of a Transformer with the educational and technology-driven features of VTech. Sliver the T-Rex features an LCD screen that displays animations and the toy has a huge library of sound effects and speech that range from dinosaur sounds to facts about our ancient friends. The dino also transforms into a vehicle so there is dozens of hours of playtime ahead for any kid. Sliver the T-Rex offers terrific fun and a chance to learn something as well so check out Sliver the T-Rex VTech Switch & Go Dinos.

Toy race car tracks:

toy race car tracks

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Boys love cars, and especially Hot Wheels cars, a brand that has become synonymous with high quality toy vehicles since they begin making them in 1968.The Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare Track is no exception, and is one of the hottest and most exciting Christmas gifts for 4 year old boys available this year.Boys will have high-octane fun and excitement sending cars from the starting point to zip around a loop and finally jump over a canyon ledge that will send them flying high through the air. Which car will win will be a constant source of pure joy as they send their entire collection of Hot Wheels vehicles flying into the air.

The Best Tablet For Kids:

best tablet for kids

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The last item on our list is the well-known LeapFrog LeapPad, a toy that offers so much digital enjoyment that it continues to be at the top of Christmas lists every year. The LeapPad 2 Explorer has features like front and rear cameras, touch screen that works with a finger or the stylus and 4 Gigabytes of space. The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer comes with five amazing apps including Pet Pad, Art Studio, Learning Songs and Cartoon Director as well as any app of your choice. They all incorporate important subjects like reading, math, health, science, music and geography and is one of the most educational and user-friendly Christmas gifts for 4 year old boys with a huge amount of playtime longevity. Check out all of the amazing stuff the LeapPad 2 can do.

Christmas Will Be Here Before You Know It!

These toys are going to be immensely popular this year and people that want to put them under the tree for Christmas will have to act fast. If you want any of these toys for your four year old get them now before they are gone.

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