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Christmas Gifts For 11 Year Old boys

With Christmas shortly approaching, it is time to start thinking about what gifts to buy your loved ones. If your loved ones includes an 11 year old boy, you may be having a hard time figuring out what he wants. At age eleven, boys are in their tween years. They are starting to develop habits indicative of teenagers. You may know what stuff they are interested in, but that is always changing. It can be hard buying Christmas gifts for 11 year old boys, but here are a few suggestions they might like. Don’t forget to like our facebook page Ur Kids World where we will keep you updated with all our new posts.

Legos For 11 Year Old Boys

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It has been nearly forty years since Star Wars first premiered, and it is still going strong today. Kids today are just as into it as they were in the seventies. If your eleven year old boy likes Star Wars, then he is going to love the Lego Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter. It not only comes with all the pieces for your eleven year old to build their very own X Wing, but some fun mini figures too. The set not only features series favorites like Luke Skywalker and R2D2, but also obscure characters like R5D2 and Jak Porkins. Legos are a timeless toy that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. If your eleven year old boy likes both Star Wars and Lego, then this would make a terrific Christmas gift.

Lego Robots For Kids

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If your eleven year old boy has shown an interest in robotics, then the Lego MindstormEV3 Construction System may be for them. It combines Lego bricks with electronics to let your eleven year old create their very own robot. Included are instructions to build several different robots, including a gripper and a tracker. If your eleven year old manages to build and program all of the robots that the instructions provide plans for, others can be found on the Lego website. These instructions are created by Lego enthusiasts, and personally endorsed by Lego. A Mindstorm robot will take a certain amount of time and patience to build and program. This is a great present for any kid willing to put in the work and enjoys a challenge.

Super-Cool Electronic Sets for Boys

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If your eleven year old has shown a curiosity about electronics, then the Elenco Snap Circuits SC 300 may be the perfect Christmas present for them. It is a kit that provides a lot of different projects that will allow your eleven year old to create household electronic devices like a radio and a doorbell. The circuits come with several interchangeable pieces that snap together to easily make electronics come to life. Snap Circuits are both fun and educational. If your eleven your old happens to show a prolonged interest in this, there are more advanced kits available that can interact with the 300 model. Its versatility, potential longevity and educational value make Snap Circuits one of the best Christmas gifts for 11 year old boys this season.

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This is an amazing electronic set that your 11year old will love! With the new Snap Circuits Lights, you can connect your iPod and other MP3 music players and watch the lights change to the beat of the music you play! Cool huh? It comes with a strobe light, infra-red detector, an LED that changes colors, fans that glow in the dark and many other fantastic features. What is awesome about this set is that the music and light combo allows your boy to enjoy some scientific fun! This one is definitely a must-buy for your 11 year old little man!

Review: Parents are raving about these products as they are both fun and educational. This wonderful product can be used for different experiments. Kids who love music and technology can have the time of their life with this awesome toy! If you are on the lookout for great gifts for 11 year old boys, this is certainly the best bet!

Awesome Nerf Guns for Space Warriors – They are also good Toy Guns For Kids

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Some toys are staples in every boys childhood, and Nerf guns are one of them. Luckily for the eleven year old boy in your life, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is the latest and greatest. This blaster can shoot darts up to 75 feet, and can hold 18 darts. If your eleven year old boy has friends with similar Nerf guns, they will be envious of his. The distance this blaster can shoot is amazing for a toy gun. That innovation alone makes it one of the great Christmas gifts for 11 year old boys.

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Do you want something super-awesome for your 11 year old boy this Christmas? Well, check this out! The Nerf N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster is a cool toy that has action that real bows have! It can fire up to 40 feet and has a gigantic wingspan of 20 inches. The bow comes with 3 foam arrows that are huge for your little space warrior to fight alien enemies with!  Reloading is easy with the storage compartment for putting in the bows. Your boy will definitely have loads of fun with this toy especially since it comes with such fantastic features. You should definitely keep this as an option for Christmas gifts this year.

Review: Customers love this product as it is a great way to teach their kids to aim and also encourages them to spend more time outdoors. It performs really well and many parents love having fun with it along with their kids! This is definitely a winner for gifts this year! Dozens of parents recommend this as one of the great gifts for 11 year old boys.

Hot Skateboards for the future Tony Hawk

For the active eleven year old boy in your life, the Ripstik Caster Board will be a well received present. Combining the design of a skateboard with the functionality of a snowboard, the Ripstik is versatile and fun (it also comes in six different colors). Unlike a traditional skateboard, the Ripstik has two wheels instead of four, which results in more maneuverability. While the Ripstik can be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous. If you choose to purchase the Ripstik for your eleven year old boy, I would advise them to ride carefully. Purchasing a helmet and pads along with it may not be a bad idea either.

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The Ripstik G Grind by RazorX is definitely another one of the coolest skateboards around! Your 11 year old will definitely love this one. The Ripstik G Grind caster board is a hybrid of a skateboard and snowboard. Its aluminum center tub is aircraft grade and can spin. That is awesome for grinding! This is a top-notch caster board that has amazing features like a pivoting deck, caster trucks of 360 degrees and traction pads that are spiked. Its concave deck design gives it a great look and makes it easier to learn awesome skateboard tricks! If you want your boy to play outdoors and have fun, this is definitely the right gift for this year’s Christmas!

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Review: It is a great buy and once you own it, you will have a tough time putting it down. It is considered one of the best boards especially for grinding. Although it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of it at first, the instruction video that comes with the pack is helpful and gets kids to learn the art of skateboarding quickly!

Christmas Will Be Here Before You Know It!

An eleven year old boy is not always easy to shop for. Their interests and tastes are always changing, and their enjoyment of the gifts received may be short lived. These are a few gifts to ensure they will have some thrills, some good old fashioned fun, and learn something as well. These are some of the best Christmas gifts for 11 year old boys. Whatever your eleven year old boy may be into, there is a little something for everyone. Remember don’t forget to like our facebook page Ur Kids World.

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