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Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys, they either love it or hate it which can make it very difficult. So why not buy something that you know they will love? We have researched a multitude of toys this year and we have come up with a few that are sure to please. With the help of customer reviews you can find out what kids and parents are saying about them as well. With thousands of gifts tailored specifically to 8 year old boys how do you choose the one they will absolutely love?

You can make your Christmas shopping this year fun, easy, and affordable so you can get everyone on your list something special without going broke this holiday season. Hopefully this list makes it easier to choose those perfect Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys this year making it a memorable Christmas for everyone.

For the 8 Year old Budding Engineer

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The number one Christmas gift for 8 year old boys would definitely be the Snap Circuits Jr set, it allows the 8 year old to get creative and build things like dual speed fans, make siren sounds, among a hundred other things. I love this particular gift idea so much that I have mentioned it for other age groups before. It not only is loved by the boys on your shopping list but also their parents, because your children are not only playing but they are learning at the same time. With so many things to build, you know the boy on your list will get great use out of this one, and with over 900 reviews it has a 5 star rating. So many good things that parents and kids are saying, this is one that is sure to make your 8 year old happy this Christmas and for less than $25 you can’t go wrong.

A Gift That Flies

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Another of the many cool Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys is the light up Stomp rocket. This not only flies over 150 feet in the air but is easy to use, light weight and uses LED lights for night time launching. Set it up, stomp, and watch it launch up in the air. This one everyone can enjoy watching and playing with, who doesn’t like watching a rocket launch into the air. It comes with four LED light rockets and you can order more if you need to, and with almost 500 people giving it about 5 stars how can you go wrong.

The Squishy Human Body

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As for Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys who like squishy yet scientific toys or even those who may want to become a doctor, the Squishy Human Body game is perfect. It teaches them what happens within the body with both hands on and through the included book. It includes removable squishy human organs, the human skeleton, and muscle tissue, and teaches them how everything not only works but where everything is located. This is another favorite among 8 year olds and parents who give this almost 5 stars.

Two of The Best Outdoors Toys

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Now the 2 best Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys who love the outdoors are definitely theJunior Metal detector and the Foam Compound Bow. For the metal detector the 8 year old on your list will love the exciting idea of going outside to find all those lost treasures. It is the perfect size for them to use easily, while still being effective in finding small items up to 5 inches underground and anything big up to 3 feet. My only recommendation is to tell them where they can go and use this where you don’t mind holes being dug. It has such good ratings and reviews you may be tempted to check it out yourself and for under $40 you might just want to buy 2 or more for the whole family.

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The compound bow is another gift that will have everyone wanting to try it out. The foam arrows will fly over 100 feet and is great for beginners with a guide wire for accuracy. The durability cannot be matched considering they are made with soft foam, which also helps make it safer to play with. Whether it’s just for fun or teaching them to aim, this is a great Christmas gift for your 8 year old and anyone who loves using a bow and arrow. 


No matter who your shopping for this year, check out first. For more Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys check out their full list, with thousands of gifts you can find that perfect gift for even the pickiest kids. You can also check out some more of our gift suggestions for 8 year old boys.

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