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Christmas Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Six year old boys are at an age when they want to explore, conquer, invent, etc. So you really need some suitable christmas gifts for 6 year old boys! This is certainly a wonderful age as it allows them to push boundaries and try out new things. Little boys of this age are always looking for adventure, excitement and discovery of new marvels around their world. Christmas is near and it is time to think about the best gifts to give your boy. You do not have to worry as there are plenty of amazing gift items that are perfect for six year old boys!

The best gifts for boys aged six are educational ones that can help them learn and develop different skills. Consider the following if you are looking for cool gifts for your little boy:

  • Games that have symbols to help them read and become good readers.
  • Toys that tell stories to increase their reading and story-telling abilities.
  • Toys for co-playing to help them learn how to play with other kids, share their belongings and socialize.
  • Puzzles to encourage use of logic skills and exercise their memory, numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Games that encourage team play and teach them about team dynamics.

Top Christmas Gifts for 6 Year Old boys

Here is a brief look at some of the ideal gifts to give your 6 year old tyke this Christmas:

LEGO Cargo Train Toy – Building Blocks 888 Pcs Set

Lego Cargo Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

This is a great LEGO building set that has 888 pieces to keep your little boy busy while he builds an awesome train. A 4 mini-figures along with other vehicles and an overhead crane are also included in the set for some added fun! This is a Christmas gift that will give any little boy hours of fun. It is one that he is sure to love for a long time!

Fantasma Magic Top Hat Show

Fantasma Magic SetCheck Price On Amazon

Little boys love magic and if you think yours would like to learn a few magic tricks, this would be the perfect Christmas gift. This set comes with more than 75 of the most incredible high-impact effects. Your little boy can perform cool magic tricks, including the classic ‘pulling a rabbit out of a hat’. This set comes with loads of fun stuff to create magic tricks. You may have a David Copperfield in the making!

Toyota FJ Cruiser Dancing King Bump & Go Battery Operated Toy Truck

Battery Operated toy CarCheck Price On Amazon

Toy cars and trucks are all-time favorite toy that boys everywhere love! Your little tyke will love playing with this great toy. It has lights and sounds for fun play. Its Bump-and-Go action will thrill the lucky boy that receives this gift. This is a toy that is definitely worth putting under the Christmas tree!

4 In A Row

4 in a rowCheck Price On Amazon

This is a cool strategy game that you can play with your little boy. The first player to get 4 color disks in a row is the winner. It is a simple yet educational game that will encourage your little one to exercise his strategic skills. Whether he plays with friends or family, he is sure to have hours of fun. This is a great gift for 6 year old boys so put it on your list for this Christmas!

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Mind Blowing Science KitCheck Price On Amazon

If you want to encourage your little boy to take an interest in science at an early age, this is the perfect gift. This set teaches kids about chemical reactions and how to use simple science tools. Your little scientist can create different experiments and be amazed by how much science can do! This is a definite must-buy for Christmas this year.

ZOOB 0Z12052 ZOOBMobile Car Designer Moving Mind-Building Modeling System

Zoobmobile Car Designer KitCheck Price On Amazon

This is another gift option for Christmas. This is a 76-piece set that will encourage little boys’ creativity. With this set, your boy can design and build different cars to race! It is so cool because the cars can move once they have been built. Instructions are included to help kids build different models. Because there are so many pieces, unique cars can be created with imagination!

Christmas Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys – Not So Hard After All

From toy trucks to puzzles and building sets, there is no end to vast collection of awesome Christmas gifts you can pick out for 6 year old boys this year. Have a great time shopping!

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