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Christmas Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

If you ask any child what Christmas means to them, you will definitely hear them screaming “Gifts”! This will probably have you looking for Christmas gifts for 13 year old boys. While picking a gift for anyone can be a challenging process, selecting the perfect gift for a 13 year old boy is fraught with difficulties. This is a particularly tricky age where young boys don’t want to seem childish and have an aversion to anything that they think comes under this category.

If you want to make this Christmas really special for your 13 year old son or nephew and be declared as the ‘coolest person ever’, here are some of our best picks for the holiday season.

PlayStation 4 White Console Destiny Bundle

Gamers will love Destiny’s fantastic graphics, intense strike missions, innovative challenges and the sheer novelty of it. It includes multiplayer options, a wide variety of weapons to add to your arsenal and the quintessential ‘save the world’ missions. The concept of the game is that the player is basically the last guardian on Earth and is required to explore the ruins of the solar system. Along the way, there will be plenty of fights against the earth’s enemies. The player can also challenge other guardians to a fight. The best thing about this game is that you can customize your on screen character according to your preferences and select what weaponry you would like him to carry.

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OR the new kid on the block, the Star Wars Darth Vader PS4, Super cool I know!

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X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair 

This amazing gaming chair from Ace Bayou is good enough to have any gamer’s mouth watering! It is extremely comfortable and enhances the gaming experience. It connects to most audio and video devices and also comes with a headphone jack. The best thing about this chair is that you can really crank up the volume and only the person sitting on the chair will be able to hear it. It provides full back support and is very easy to store. It includes wireless audio transmission, two speakers and a fantastic sub-woofer. The speakers are pretty good and you won’t just hear the audio, you’ll feel it! This video gaming chair is really all about that bass!

Gaming Rocker Chair

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Electronic Catchphrase Game

This is an educational toy with an edge- it is also a guaranteed party starter! It comes with an LED screen which displays a catchphrase. The game is played in turns and the person holding the device can act, dance, sing, point or use any words (except the ones specifically forbidden) to make his/her team members guess the catchphrase. This game definitely gets you into a heart-pumping, competitive and playful mood!

Electronic Catchphrase Game

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Orion 09798 StarBlast 4.5 Equatorial Reflector Telescope, Metallic Green

If your 13 year old is fascinated with all things space related and if he enjoyed watching ‘Buzz Lightyear’ as a kid, get him this telescope for Christmas and he’ll be over the moon!

With this reflector telescope, he will gain access to magnificent views of the moon, planets and other interesting objects in the sky. It is designed so well that it is great for beginners to astronomy as well as experts. It has a metal tripod and is very durable! The quality of the optics is fantastic and it is also quite easy to set up with the help of Orion’s YouTube videos. It is perfect for backyard parties and the view of the Andromeda galaxy, Jupiter and Saturn is simply stunning!

Orion Telescope

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Uncle Milton- Moon in My Room

If your 13 year old is captivated with all things astronomy related, he will absolutely LOVE this kit! This is a larger than life realistic model of the moon that your son can hang in his room and watch as it lights up to depict the different phases of the moon. It is specially designed to show the actual phases of the moon. An added surprise is the download code that comes with the game. It can be used to download a unique audio tour of the moon that your son is sure to love!

Moon In My Room

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 OWI Robotic Arm Edge

If your 13 year old is a huge Tony Stark fan and loves everything robot related, here is a robotic arm from OWI with an edge! This is a fun educational robotic kit and is probably every young boy’s dream gift. He will enjoy commanding the gripper to open and close and this robotic arm has the capacity to lift up to 100 gms at a time. It is affordable and at the same time does not compromise on quality. This toy is also good for a boy who loves to tinker with broken electronic devices. Setting up the robotic arm is very educational and the robotic arm itself can be used in lots of creative ways like picking up a sharpie with the gripper and trying to write.

OWI Robotic Arm

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Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set

This is the perfect beginner’s tool for a fledgling artist! If your 13 year old is artistic and creative, this sketching set is the ideal Christmas gift for him. It comes with a customized zipper case, just the right size, for storing all the art tools. The case also makes it very easy to carry the pencils while travelling or going on a picnic. Imagine the fun your young man will have! With 12 different graphite pencils, he will be in art heaven!

Sketching Set

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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set

Star Wars is a classic and will probably never go out of fashion! This miniature game is stunningly detailed and is just tactical enough to capture the heart of any 13 year old boy. This combat game based on the Star Wars Universe is for two players and comes with one X-wing, two TIE fighters, thirteen Ship cards and five Upgrade cards. Hand over this game to your 13 year old this Christmas, say the magic words “May the Force be with you” and watch as his eyes light up!

X-wing Miniatures Games

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LEGO Architecture United Nations Headquarters

This one is for architecture buffs who like to build! This highly detailed version of the United Nations Headquarters by Lego is just the gift for your son, to channelize his energies. Watch with pride as your son spends hours together building this magnificent structure. Once build the structure can also be displayed on his desk. What’s more? It comes with an educational booklet containing the history of the UN in a way that is designed to enthral your child. This game is creative, fun and educational at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Lego White HouseCheck Price On Amazon

Walnut Hollow Deluxe Woodburning Kit

Does your 13 year old fancy a bit of woodwork? If he is fascinated with building things on his own, as most boys are at this age are, this kit is the ideal gift! It is an easy and creative way to create attractive woodwork and comes along with simple instructions for efficient usage. It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced users. It includes a top quality woodburning pen, wood burning points, coloured pencils, alphabet sets, plaques and transfer paper.

Wood Burning Kit

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Revell 1:24 ’70 Mustang Boss 429 3 ‘N 1

Every boy loves cars – this is a no brainer! Revell has introduced this fantastic 1970 Mustang Model Kit, which is perfect for a 13 year old boy to get started with building his own set of cars. It comes with illustrated instructions for assembling and can be built in 3 ways- a classic ’70 Boss 429, a customised street car or a modern muscle machine. The 429 was built to personify power and will definitely capture any boy’s heart!

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These ideas for the perfect Christmas gift will make your 13 year old go wild with joy and who knows, may even land you a hug! But if you are looking for something else, you can always check out this list on Amazon

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