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Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Searching for Christmas gifts for 12 year old boys? Well it definitely takes a lot of imagination to think like a 12 year old and selecting a gift for one may seem like a major crisis at first, but fear not. There are a wide range of Christmas gifts waiting for a 12 year old boy that can captivate him and make him jump with joy.

Here are a few Christmas gifts that are ideal for 12-year old boys.

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit, Green

This kit is educational as well as exciting! 12 year old boys are at that stage where they’re really curious about the world and fascinated with the idea of somehow being able to change it. This kit will teach him about ‘green energy’ options, circuits, electricity, and geothermal power and is guaranteed to keep him busy with over 125 projects to build and discover.

Green Snap Circuits Alternative Energy

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The Boys’ Book of Survival (How to Survive Anything, Anywhere)

This handy survival book has just the right appeal for a 12 year old boy and includes survival tips on almost every situation imaginable, from getting stuck in quicksand to protecting yourself from zombie invasions. While this book does have some impractical yet hilarious scenes, it does contain helpful tips for real life situations.  If he’s a boy scout, he’ll love this book even more!

The Boys' Book Of Survival

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Star Wars Folded Flyers: Make 30 Paper Starfighters (Klutz)

For the quintessentially artsy kid, these folded flyers make a great gift! Also, almost every boy is a Star Wars fan and will love making these authentic, custom designed flyers which have been specially tested to ensure that they fly with ease. Designs include the Jedi StarfighterMillenium Falcon as well as Darth Vader’s Tiefighter and each page contains information about the specific startship, its weapon and defence strategies. Gift him this for Christmas and watch his face light up like a Jedi Lightsaber!

Star Wars Folded Flyers

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Clue DVD Game

This game can captivate any kid with its constant suspense and quests to find out the truth. The aim of the game is to figure out who the thief is and deduce your way to the correct solution. The most interesting and challenging part is gathering enough clues without giving away information to the other players. While the Clue board game has been around for a while, this DVD version takes things a step further and for fans of the old game, this one is a must!

Clue DVD game

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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 edition) Video Game Starter Pack

Marvel has created some of the most loved superheroes ever, popular among these are, of course, ‘The Avengers’. This holiday season gift your 12 year old boy the Marvel Super Heroes Video Game which is guaranteed to keep him blissfully happy and earn you some extra brownie points as well! It includes challenging missions, complicated puzzles which require quick thinking, loads of action and saving the world from mass destruction- which is basically every boy’s dream mission.This is available on all consoles including the new PS4 and Xbox One and the older generation consoles, it is also available on Wii U.

Marvel Super Heroes Game

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Razor A Kick Scooter

Tired of seeing your 12 year old always playing video games? This kick scooter from Razor is the perfect gift to make your child head straight outdoors and give gaming a rest. It is made out of sturdy, high-grade aluminium and is very stylish with blue highlights. It is perfectly safe and enjoyable with a special rear brake for quick stops. It weighs only six pounds and is good for boys who are old enough to venture outdoors, but still too young for a motorbike.

Kids Scooter

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Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

If you are gifting an avid reader, look no further than this fantastic novel by internationally acclaimed author Rick Riordan which will transport you to a magical world full of Greek myths and legends. This book is a great gift even if he isn’t a regular reader. In fact, it is the perfect way to get a young boy hooked on reading. This novel just cannot be put down until you reach the very end! It is extremely gripping and is guaranteed to transport him to a world unbeknownst to him.

Percy Jackson Books

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Thames and Kosmos Crystal Growing

This game is just really cool and fun way of learning about crystals. Any 12 year old will be fascinated with this unique science kit which helps you to grow your own crystals. It comes with a 32 page guide for growing different crystals and carrying out experiments and it teaches you all you need to know about crystal chemistry and earth science in a supremely creative and innovative way!

Growing Crystal Kit

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Finding Christmas gifts for 12 year old boys made Easy

These gifts are perfect for 12 year olds and will ensure that they are completely captivated for hours on end. This Christmas gift list will also ensure that your shopping process becomes a lot smoother. So, with this in hand, you don’t have to be Santa in order to get your 12 year old what he desires and wants the most.


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