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Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids

The holiday season is here! That means gifts, parties, and keeping the kids busy during Christmas break. With these Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids they’ll be busy and have tons of fun. Some can make nice gifts for grandparents or other special people in their lives. You could even host a Christmas arts and crafts party for your kids’ friends to let everyone in on the fun!

Thumbprint Christmas Lights Card

Thumbprint christmas lights By Jill Dubien

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Image credit: Jill Dubien

Who doesn’t love a homemade card from a child? Paint or ink and paper with drawn on accents is super easy. There are several variations on this project out there, but I thought the lights idea was a little more unique. If you have ever finger painted with your child you will know how much they love it. As Jill from Meet The Dubiens points out, her little girl had a great time creating the thumbprint light bulbs. This cute little project is fun, personal and very easy. The Thumbprint Christmas lights cards are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. If you want you could even expand upon this great idea and make snowmen or reindeer too, or use hand prints for a tree.

Mod Podge Fabric Ornaments


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Image credit: Amy from Mod Podge Rocks

These are a great idea for anyone to do, but especially good if you have children of several different ages to keep busy. Anyone from toddlers to teenagers can do this, and special needs kids too, depending on their skills. Amy at Mod Podge Rocks has easy to follow step by step instructions on this project, be sure to stop by and find out more about this great christmas project. It’s quick, easy and it is also inexpensive and offers the opportunity to substitute some of the supplies if you don’t have something. The paper mache ornaments are usually around a dollar each, but you could use styrofoam balls or old glass balls that you already have if your kids are old enough to not break them. If you don’t have or want to buy Christmas fabric, you could always use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper, pictures from holiday cards, or even red and green construction paper or tissue paper.  These ornaments can make a nice small gift for someone too!

Christmas Finger Puppets

Oh I love these! Kids have big imaginations and love to pretend  Putting on a puppet show for your younger siblings or cousins is always fun!  As far as Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids go, I think these finger puppets are one of the cutest I’ve seen. They are a little more difficult or might require some adult help, depending on your child’s skills, but since they will be keeping themselves busy for a long time when they are done it’s totally worth it! It’s a cute gift idea to give to another child too.

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

Lots of Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids involve food. This is another one that is great for all ages, although really little ones may need help putting their house together (remember triangle shaped houses work fine too!) and decorating it is great for those fine motor skills. It doesn’t matter what decorating they do or candy they put on it, it will look awesome when it’s done! This will keep even young children busy for a long time and older ones will get really involved in the details of their house. You can also do a couple of variations on this if you need to. You can use milk cartons or food boxes for a frame and stick your crackers to those to make it easier, or you could use spray frosting. If you have a place to buy bulk candy near you that can make this project a little more inexpensive, or you can host a party and have everyone bring candy to share.

Holiday Card Garland

Kids love to help decorate for the holidays. This can get hung up in the room or on the tree. It’s also eco-friendly, since you’re reusing old cards. If you don’t have craft punches, you can trace around something and cut out the shape or cut random shapes if your child is just learning to use scissors. Christmas arts and crafts ideas for kids can be fun for the grown-ups too. So try some of our projects and enjoy spending time with your family this holiday season!

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