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Birthday Gifts For 8 year old boy

8 year old boys have different interests and if one has a birthday coming up, you may be hard-pressed to find an ideal gift. This is a difficult age to shop for, since this age group does not like traditional toys that other younger children adore. At the same time, 8 year old boys are too young for expensive electronics and certain other toys.

The best way to shop for a gift is by taking into consideration what the 8 year old boy likes. If you can pick up a gift that matches his interest, he will be in heaven. Here is a guide to help choose ideal birthday gifts for 8 year old boy. This guide definitely will make your life easier!

Kid Galaxy RC Bump n Chuck Bumper Cars

RC Bumper Cars

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All 8 year old boys love cars and so this will make an ideal birthday gift. These are futuristic-looking bumper cars that come with a remote control. When the cars bump against each other, the driver of each car is ejected out of the seat. The 8 year old can form teams with his friends and get into a fierce competition. There are two colors – blue and orange – each color forms a team with color-coded driver. There is a functional fan at the rear of each car and this gives an illusion wind is powering the cars.

The box comes with two cars, two remotes, two drivers and an instruction manual.

Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

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Let your 8 year old boy turn into a detective at night. You can be certain that he will not have an issue sleeping with the lights switched off in his room! This functional and sophisticated night scope can clearly detect things up to 25 feet away in complete darkness. It has a pop-up light that is green in color, allowing clarity in the dark. Although it requires 2 AAA batteries, you can be certain that the 8 year old recipient will love it.

Uncle Milton Moon in My Room

Moon In My Room

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Who says that toys cannot be educational? An 8 year old boy is constantly asking questions about everything and this is one toy that will allow him to have fun and also learn something. This comes with a realistic model of the moon that can be hanged on the wall. The model lights up to show the various phases of the moon, allowing your boy to see the “moon” close and get awed by it. Every aspect of the moon’s surface can be seen clearly.

It comes with a remote control to see the various phases sequentially or for automatic viewing.

Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

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This helicopter comes with an infrared receiver and is about 8.5 inches in length. It has a detailed and realistic fuselage that it has a flashing LED light for great visual effects. The light is soft, so it will not cause any problems when the 8 year old plays with it indoors. The helicopter can move six different directions, including hovering, rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise, moving forwards, moving backwards and moving up and down. The helicopter is made from durable and lightweight material, so it does not break on crashing.

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

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This is the perfect birthday gift for an 8 year old boy, who at his age would be fascinated by the workings of the human body. The toy has removal organs that are squishy to touch and also has a representation of the skeletal, muscular and vascular systems. Through this toy, your son can learn how the human body actually works. You may find it gross, but your 8 year old will adore it for its grossness!

Premier Kites Black Nylon Shark Kite

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This 7-foot monster of a kite will be huge hit with any 8 year old boy. This kite is a combination of two kites – Dragon and Delta and is made from Nylon resting on fiberglass spars. Hence, it is durable. It can fly between 6 to 18 miles per hour and comes ready to fly, so no assembling. It also comes with Dacron line attached to a handle.

Birthday gifts for 8 year old boy

There is no lack of amazing birthday gifts for 8 year old boys. All you need to know what the 8 year old likes and then you can shop for some amazing and interesting birthday gifts that let out shouts of glee and joy.

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