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Birthday Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

Having trouble finding Birthday Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys? It is a known fact – 7 year old boys can be tough to please. So, you definitely want to spend some time finding the right birthday gift. If you have a 7 year old boy or you know one, it is time to don your thinking cap and come up with some spectacular birthday gifts.

Here are some birthday gifts that are ideal for 7 year old boys.

Science Kit from Scientific Explorer

This birthday gift is a great way to introduce a 7-year old boy to science. It not only allows the child to learn the basics of chemical reactions, it also introduces them to basic science tools. Now, which 7 year old boy wouldn’t want to create his own erupting volcano or lock a sunset in a test tube? This is a science kit that is perfect for a 7-year old, who is always curious about everything.

Science Kit for Kids

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The kit comes many ingredients to conduct colorful experiments. Some of the things include are:

  • Plastic cups
  • Pipette
  • Scoops of varying sizes
  • Polyacrylamide crystals
  • Red cabbage juice
  • Citric acid
  • Color tablets

The only caveat is the child should be supervised while conducting the experiments. But even adults will have fun while reading through the step-by-step directions and helping the 7-year old discover the hidden scientist in him!

IlluStory Book Kit by Creations by You

Imagine the look for joy and glee on the face of the 7-year old boy when he discovers this birthday gift allows him to write and illustrate his own story. And what’s more, the story is then professionally printed in full color and presented as a hardcover book!

You can go one step forward and ensure the little boy is mentioned as the author of the book, as the back cover will have his photograph and a short write-up. This wonderful gift is made in the United States and comes with book pages that are ready-to-use, instructions on how to create an IlluStory book, markers and a postage paid envelope.

Create Your Own Story Book

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The IlluStory Book Kit is a wonderful and unique way to introduce little boys to book reading. In this day and age when the Internet, smartphones and TV are reigning supreme, the IlluStory Book Kit is like a breath of fresh air. It stimulates creativity and helps build self-esteem. Above all, it helps young boys create wonderful keepsakes.

Bounty Hunter’s Junior Metal Detector

This metal detector will be a hit with any 7 year old boy. It is child-sized, but can find coins that are buried 5 inches in the ground and large objects that are 3 feet underground. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is ergonomically designed to allow comfortable handling.

Junior Metal Detector

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This is a great gift to introduce your 7-year old boy to detecting and with its durability and ability to find hidden and buried metal, it can offer hours of endless fun and enjoyment.

So, if you are still looking for birthday gifts for 7 year old boys, you know exactly what to get them. What are you waiting for? Purchase your gift today!


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