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Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

Choosing the best gifts for 9 year old boys is not rocket science but it can still be difficult choosing the right one. Boys of this age need something that excites and enthralls them. So, it is best to look for gifts that can cause 9 year old boys to go “ooh” and “aah”! If you are still at a loss for the best gifts for 9 year old boys, here are some that will make you very popular with them.

Z-Curve Bow from Zing

Before you decide a bow and arrows are too dangerous for 9 year old boys, rest assured knowing the set has been designed to keep the recipients and those around them safe. This fun toy comes with foam projectiles and arrows with suction cup. Even the bow is made from foam.

Toy Bows For Kids

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What makes this an ideal gift for 9 year old boys is the ability to shoot arrows more than 125 feet. It can be used by left- and right-handed boys. The suction cup ensures the arrows can stick anywhere, but there is one unique feature that will make a 9-year old boy scream with joy – the bounce back action to the arrow.

Attacknid Battling Spider Toy Robot from Combat Creatures

It is common for 9 year old boys to pick up bugs and insects and bring them home. While you can say yuck, this is a fact. So, why not indulge a 9 year old with a 6-legged spider robot aptly called Attacknid. The robot can walk on all types of terrain and can fire weapons to a distance of 30 feet. If the robot takes a direct hit, it explodes!

Robots For Kids

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This remote controlled spider robot is 10 inches tall, has 6 legs and even has a head that can rotate 360 degrees. It can walk through water and mud; and comes with a remote control that is quite easy to use. The robot looks a bit ominous, but you can be certain that every 9 year old boy will just adore this gift.

Night Scope Binoculars from Wild Planet

By nature, 9 year old boys are curious and want to check out everything that they come across. This unique gift will give them wings to explore things at night. This night scope binoculars can make everything visible and clear up to 25 feet. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that can activate a spotlight and green tinted lenses with an ability to offer 5x magnification.

Spy Gear For Kids - Night Scope

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Let young Sherlock Holmes use stealth mode beam to gaze into the night from the window of his bedroom and you can be certain the high-tech design will be a great hit.

Snap Circuits Kit from Elenco

This award winning kit comes with 30 different snap-together parts that can make 100 different things. It is just the gift to give a 9 year old boy. Not only will it introduce the boy to the world of electronics, it also will make him more interested in science.

Snap circuits for kids

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The kit has an illustrated manual that teaches boys how to make doorbells, dual-speed fan, police siren, burglar alarm and laser light. The parts are color-coded, making it easy to identify and use them. As there are no intricate components, this kit does not intimidate children and makes it easy for them to understand complicated theories of electricity.

Radio Controlled Vehicle from Kid Galaxy

Aptly named Morphibians Gator, this radio controlled vehicle can move in all types of terrain. A 9 year old boy would love to maneuver the vehicle in water, on grass, dirt and even the driveway gravel. It can be fun to drive the vehicle from land into the water or vice versa.

Morphibian Remot Control Vehicle

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The remote control comes with joysticks that make it easy to handle it. If there is a problem, just check out the instruction manual that comes with the RC vehicle. The hard plastic body resembling an alligator does not get damaged in water and it is easy to drain the water from the body and then dry it with a towel. Just make sure you even gift 3 AA and 2 AAA batteries with this unique gift for 9 year old boys!

Remote Control Bump and Chuck Bumper Cars from Kid Galaxy

If you think remote control cars are old-fashioned, think again. This interactive remote control gift is fun and can provide hours of entertainment. The aim is to hit your opponent’s car, so that his driver sitting in the car goes flying! It even has sound effects when the driver is ejected, thanks to the sound chip.

Remote Control Bumper Cars

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The two cars have functional fans at the rear and this gives an impression that the fans are propelling the cars. The remote control has two joysticks that make it easy for small fingers to maneuver the cars. But it is the futuristic design of the cars that make young boys shout with glee! The cars come with an instruction manual as well.

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