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Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

gifts for 8 year old girlsLittle girls are the most awesome people to shop for, don’t you agree? But it really isn’t that hard to find the best toys for 8 year old girls. There are so many wonderful gifts in the market to choose from. Now that the Christmas season is nearing, have you thought about the gift you are planning to get for your favorite little girl? 8 year old girls are fun to shop for because they can be creative and their imagination is beginning to bloom. Dolls are not the only choice you have. There are plenty more gifts that are fun, educational and allows them to be creative and imaginative!

Here is a look at a few gifts for girls aged 8 that you will find in the market to give you an idea of what you can get your little girl this holiday season.

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Creativity for Kids’ Fashion Headbands:

best gifts for 8 year old girl

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Does your little angel love fashion and playing dress-up? Well, here is the perfect gift for her! This is a set that comes with an assortment of satin headbands in rainbow colors, and that is not all. The pack also comes with rhinestones, feathers, flowers, a butterfly and more for your little girl to embellish her headbands. With 10 different designs to be created watch your princess’ eyes light up while she designs her hair accessory just the way she likes it! What better way to encourage a blooming fashion designer?

Fashion Headbands has received some great reviews from customers! They are fabulous for little girls who love crafts and little girls can have hours of fun creating unique designs for their headbands.

Alex Toys Friends 4Ever:

gifts for 8 year old girls

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This is another awesome gift for little girls aged 8 and above.  This is a set that allows girls to create friendship bands or bracelets. How cool is that! They can design bracelets for their BFFs or to accessorize their own outfits. Bracelet making is made easy with this kit that comes with a wheel, needle, beads, strings in 22 colors and looms that are color-coded. An instruction book and a handy little suitcase makes it easy to learn and pack up when your little jewelry designer is done making beautiful bracelets.

Another gift for 8 year old girls that has received fantastic ratings from customers; it is considered to be a great starter kit to encourage young girls to have hobbies. Mums have added that not only have their daughters had awesome fun making bracelets but so have they! It is easily one of the best gifts for 8 year old girls and it is a great way to spend time with your daughters and have a bit of creative fun together!

Creativity for Kids Scrapbook Kit:

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Do you remember your days as a child, keeping and treasuring your scrapbook? Well, you can encourage your little girl to have that same experience with the wonderful It’s My Life kit from Creativity for Kids. The kit comes with a hard cover spiral bound scrapbook that little girls can design just the way they want! The book has 12 pages and this awesome kit comes with tools like scallop edged scissors, a stencil to crop photos, 10 patterned sheets of paper and much more! Your sweetheart can keep all her special moments preserved in this wonderful scrapbook that comes with a sweet keychain as a little something extra!

Many parents have loved this gift. Some have added a disposable camera with the kit as a way to encourage their child to have a fun time creating memories and immortalizing them in their little scrapbook. The quality is great and it is a fantastic way to encourage kids to cherish sweet moments.

Magic Set from Melissa & Doug:

girls gifts age 8

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Is your little girl more interested in magic tricks than dolls and other play things? Here is a great way to encourage her to hone her magician skills! The Deluxe Magic Set is a great way to get your little girl excited about performing magic tricks for the family this holiday season. The tricks in this set are easy to learn, and encourages kids to develop their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. With fun tricks like the Vanishing Coin, Magic Coin Box, Disappearing Ball and many more, your mini-magician will have a ball showing off her cool new tricks!

Parents love this as a gift. The set is of great quality, making it durable and the tricks are very easy to learn! It is no wonder that this is a popular gift choice for little girls who have a penchant for magic!

Days-of-Wonder’s Ticket to Ride:

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If your little girl is a fan of the story ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, Ticket to Ride is a game that she will absolutely love! It is an adventure game that gets your angel to set off on a cross country train ride with her friends. Trains cards are collected so that railway routes can be claimed and the longer the routes, the more points the players receive! This is an exciting game that can be played by 2 to 5 players. Watch your little one and her friends have loads of fun going off on adventures!

This is a great game that customers have given awesome ratings too. Ticket To Ride is loved because it teaches kids to strategize and at the same time, it is a fun and easy game to play. It is considered a cut above the rest of the run-of-the-mill games that are available in the market. It never gets boring so it can be played over and over again. It is great for family game nights!

Five of the Best Gifts For 8 year old girls.

These are just some of the wonderful gifts that you can get your precious 8 year old this Christmas. If you want something fun that also encourages your sweetie’s creativity and imagination, you do not have to look far. You will find amazing gifts that will be loved and cherished by your angel, not to mention get her jumping up and down with excitement! These gifts are ideal as they allow little girls to learn and enjoy themselves with their friends and family!

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