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Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Gift your 7 year old a special present this Christmas. Looking for the best gifts for 7 year old girls so that you can present her a gift that she will treasure with loving memory forever. From Do-It-Yourself kits to pretty dolls, introduce your little girl to the arts and graces of being a lady with a fun birthday gift! Widen her horizons and help her explore her interests with educational, recreational, exciting, relaxing, interesting and fun gifts that will keep her engaged everyday of her seventh year!

Outlined below are a list of the best gifts for 7 year old girls for a fabulous birthday present!

ALEX® Toys – Do-it-Yourself Wear! Ribbon Headbands 723W

The best gifts for a seven year old are Do-It-Yourself products that encourage a sense of creativity and independence in your child. Alex Toys has introduced a new innovation in the DIY department with Ribbon Headbands for girls, a sure shot favorite with every little princess! Turn your lass into a diva with the headband kit, featuring an array of colors, styles and designs. Ribbons are dual-colored, featuring a different fabric on each side. The headbands are easy to assemble and slide on and off in a snap. Let your child step into the world of fashion with the DIY Ribbon Headband suite, with fun hair-do’s for playtime and parties!

Cool Ribbon headbands

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Review: I like the headband kit, especially as it makes so many pretty bands for my daughter’s hair. We make colorful bands together and I tie the ribbons on her hair each time we go out for a playdate or to the park. I try to match her outfits with the headband for a fun look!

Friendship Bracelets (Klutz) Spiral-bound

There is nothing more fun for girls than creating an array of friendship bands from braided to crotched! Gift your seven year old a DIY friendship band kit this birthday and watch as she creates beautiful patterns and designs of every color for her friends! The kit comes with easy-to-follow, clear directions to make ten different kinds of bracelets with fun add-ons like beads, floss, plastic clips and accessories. A built-in clipboard creates an ideal work surface for your child’s latest craft project!

Friendship bracelets

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Review: Light, fun and creative, a great Christmas or Birthday offering. DIY kits are always a good option, fostering creativity. My child loved the gift and took to it very enthusiastically. Now all her friends sport friendship bracelets that she made with a little help from me. Interesting for adults as well, colors and patterns that can be woven into something pretty!

Crayola® Twistables Slick Stix, Assorted, 12 Per Set

Encourage the budding artist in your tiny tot with this set of 12 Crayola crayons, best in the industry. The crayons are of superior quality, smooth, easy to grip and formulated to glide across pages for a fun, exciting coloring experience. Unlike other products, this crayon requires no sharpening, it stays crisp and sharp throughout its life. Labels do not poke or peel off. Crayola has introduced a new, smart crayon advancing method with a twist barrel to advance the stick. The twistables can be used on paper, cardboard, foam, paper napkins, waxed paper, foam, posterboard foil and sandpaper, perfect for any school project. The crayon set comes in a reusable store pouch with a child-safe snap-on cap on each crayon to prevent drying. Create new worlds and add a splash of color to any drawing with the Crayola Twistables Stix Set!

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Review: I have been a Crayola fan for years! I have fond memories of my own Crayola set, coloring the walls and sheets and everything it colored on. The products keep getting better and better. Love the new Twistable concept, so easy to grip and keeps the crayons nice and sharp. My children enjoy drawing their dinosaurs and rainbows with the crayons.

Colorku Solid Wood Colorku Game Set

Get your tot interested in mental games with the Colorku Game Set, a colorful variant of the popular Sudoku game, that has children and adults hooked all over the world. Colorku uses brightly colored wooden balls as an alternative to numbers. The gameboard is crafted of solid wood and includes a total of 81 balls in 9 different colors. There are 104 puzzle cards, a storage tray and a color conversion card. A solutions booklet is shipped with the product to help beginners understand the game. Like Sudoku, Colorku is based entirely on logic and helps to develop your child’s analytical abilities. A total entertainer for the entire family, Colorku makes for a great Christmas surprise!

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Review: A surprise offering in my opinion. I happened to come across this online and was immediately fascinated by the concept. This is engaging for individuals far beyond seven years as well. An engaging concept for seven years olds into puzzles and brainteasers. This will keep anyone happily busy for hours!

Mini Mysteries: 20 Tricky Tales to Untangle (American Girl Library) Paperback

If your girl is a whodunnit fan, this is the ideal birthday present for her! Help her uncover clues, solve mysteries, crack puzzles and unravel crimes with a series of 20 mini mystery tales. Your little child will help protagonist Marie and her best friend Noelle solve mysteries by figuring out clues. The tales have a twist though! There are plenty of false leads and red herrings to add to the fun! Your girl and you will have oodles of fun with this exciting series!

Mini series books

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Review: I love it! I play Mini Mysteries with my daughter every night after I get back from work. This is our special time together! This game is so exciting because it has real life situations, with clues peppered about for her to pick up and figure out. A great entertainer and a nice way to sharpen her reasoning skills.

Pick from the list of the best gifts for 7 year olds above and have a blast with your little princess this year!

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