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Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

best gifts for 6 year old girlsAs Christmas time approaches, many of our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift for those who are important in our lives. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other children that are important to you, you will want to choose children’s gifts that are safe and age appropriate. There are lots of gifts to choose from and a wealth of information sift through, so here is some direction and great information to help you choose the best gifts for 6 year old girls who are on your list this year.

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Design Her Own Jewelry Box.

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Most 6 year old girls love to make and create. Gifts that involve “making and creating” are great gifts for the 6 year old girls on your Christmas list. The Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box by Orb is such a gift. It is reported by a “mom,” who purchased this gift, that “her daughter loves it.” The stickers in this kit are easy to use, and the finished product is a perfect place for fashionable 6 year-old girls, to store their jewelry treasures. There are plenty of stickers included to provide hours of fun and a lovely finished product.

Create Great Fashionable Headbands.

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Another creative gift is the Fashion Headbands kit by Creativity for Kids. Young girls will love to make and wear their own fashionable creations. This kit is fun to use at slumber parties or it just might keep your 6 year-old girl busy over her Christmas break and beyond. There are plenty of satin headbands, feathers, flowers, and “bling” to turn out some lovely headbands.
Creativity for Kids also makes a scrap book kit called; It’s My Life Scrap Book Kit. This kit includes a hard-cover scrap book that is spiral bound, and a variety of frames, paper, envelopes and stickers that can be used to display fun photos, tickets to special events, or anything else 6 year-old girls like to save.

Time to Play School.

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What young girl doesn’t was to “play school?” Given the chance, 6 year-old girls will love to play teacher when they use the Pretend and Play School Set. Your 6 year-old can instruct her class of friends, family, or “stuffed animals” at her leisure. The school set provides hours of fun. The set comes with a calendar, map, dry-erase board; and a clock and bell. The “teacher” will also have at her fingertips; stickers, a hand pointer, hall passes, her own grade book, and much, much more. Extra Pretend and Play supplies are also available for purchase. The school kit comes in a tri-fold board, which makes it easy to set up and store. Some may say this school set is made for younger children, but girls six years and older have been thrilled with this item. You will be worthy of a “gold star” from your pretend teacher, when a six-year-old girl opens this gift.

Grow Her Own Fairy Garden.

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The Shrinky Dinks Fairy Garden is another great gift. The Fairy Garden stimulates the imagination of 6 year-old girls who will receive the Fairy Garden as a Christmas gift. The Fairy Garden provides fun, flowers, and folklore to your 6-year-old. Creativity is enhanced as young girls design, plant, and care for this fairy wonderland. Four flower varieties bloom in this terrarium and bid fairies to come and enjoy their beauty. This gift increases a love of nature as young girls construct their fairyland with Fairy dust, a Fairy wheel, Fairy bells, stakes and rainbow gravel. This gift is a unique gift that 6 year-old girls will love.

Christmas Is Nearly Here

With Christmas on the horizon, it is time to take action and purchase one of these lovely gifts for the six year-old girl you are buying for. These gifts are unique, and won’t last long on store shelves, so make your choice and get your Christmas gifts wrapped up today.

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