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The Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls

great dollhouse for girls


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Gift your little girl a unique educational, interesting and fun present for her birthday, one that will not only sharpen her skills but will also allow you to spend hours playing together. Listed below are the five best gifts for 4 year old girls, products designed keeping the preference and inclination of 4 year old kids in mind. These handy pointers will help you pick the best birthday or Christmas gift for your precious little child.

  • Gift her a product in a field she enjoys – Art, creativity, motor skills and more.
  • An educative and engaging gift will help hone various skills, developing her interest and talent in various fields.
  • Ensure you purchase a gift that also interests you so that you can spend more time with your tot and develop a strong bond with her.

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Kidoozie My First Purse

Girls First Purse

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Four year olds love looking like Mama, so a good idea is to gift your little tot a small, compact purse to carry around when she calls on friends and relatives with you. Dress your girl to the nines with this cute, stylish purse that holds a play cell phone, pretend debit card and lipstick, a wallet, unbreakable mirror and lots of space to keep her crayons and books. The Kidoozie purse is perfect for toddlers and preschool girls, complimenting most outfits well with a bright pink, colorful flower.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

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The perfect birthday or Christmas gift, the play school set lets your little girl play the role of a teacher to her class of little tots. The School kit is a pop up classroom set complete with blackboard and desks. With a convenient tri-fold board, desks and chairs this pretend classroom is a great way to engage your lovely lass through the day. The school set is easy to set up and store, a fun, educational, engaging gift for any four year old!

POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Mind blowing Science

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Encourage lateral thinking, questioning and curiosity in your little girl with this fun and educational scientific explorer science kit. The kit includes an erupting, color changing volcano, crystals, a magnificent sunset in a test tube and more. Slowly introduce your child to the world of science through the science kit, designed keeping the curious child in mind. Work with the little tot creating small, entertaining experiments that demonstrate the concepts of science in a light, easy to understand fashion. The science kit will foster a greater understanding of the world in which your  little girl lives and is a stepping stone to a great career!

ALEX® Toys – Early Learning My Giant Busy Box -Little Hands 530X

My giant busy box

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If your little girl enjoys art and craft then this is the ideal birthday gift for her. The giant busy box has tons of projects to keep your child busy for an entire year. The box has stick tissue art, glue, tissue and easy to follow instructions. The kit includes 4 animal punch outs, 2 plastic frames, 2 peel and 10 dough colors to create various shapes and designs. Guardians and children can work together to create as many as 16 different projects with this fun and entertaining kit. The activities in the giant little box foster all round development, imagination and creativity.

Richard Scarry Busy Town

Richard Scarry's Busytown

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Rounding off the best gifts for 4 year old girls is the fun, entertaining Richard Scarry kit. A unique gift for a 4 year old, this product has been designed to develop logic,attention to detail and lateral thinking in children. The Richard Scarry Busy Town kit encourages teamwork and collaboration among kids. A lovely gift that will have you spending hours with your little girl identifying and matching various objects.

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