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Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Impress your tween with fun, exciting gifts this Christmas. Children on the threshold of teenage are easy to shop for. They are budding artists, engineers, musicians and so much more! Help your child explore his passion, discover a new one, or simply have oodles of fun with this round-up of some of the best gifts for 12 year old boys!

Perplexus 3D Puzzle

If your little boy enjoys cracking puzzles, gift him a challenging brain teaser with the Perplexus 3D puzzle maze. This is a real whopper, designed to pick anyone’s brain, from kids to adults! Mentally stimulating, engrossing and often fought over Perplexus is a cut above the rest.  The fun part of the puzzle is that your tween has to angle and balance the puzzle ball to keep the metal sphere rolling perfectly on track.

Perplexus Epic

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Review: I gifted my 12 year old the Perplexus in June and my boy has his nose buried in it ever since! Challenging for my husband and me as well, we spend family time with the metal ball every sunday. Thank you Perplexus!

The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden

The very name of the book will be more than sufficient to get any 12 year old boy become excited about receiving it as a birthday gift. This is a gift every boy should have regardless of his age. It will teach him all those boy things, such as how to build tree houses, how to fish and also find out about girls!

Dangerous Book For Boys

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This book makes reading and learning fun by stimulating curiosity and fostering creativity. Father and son can spend meaningful time together when they use to the book to build go-karts and identify spiders and insects.

Some of the things covered in the book include:

  • Fossils
  • Fishing
  • Baseball’s MVPs
  • Cloud formations
  • Spies codes and ciphers
  • Slingshots
  • Rope knotting
  • Seven wonders of the ancient world
  • The world’s greatest paper airplane
  • How to skim stones on water
  • How to make a periscope
  • A dictionary to understand the Navajo code

Gordian’s Knot

Your little tween is a sure genius if he solves the Gordian’s Knot on his first attempt. Designed for the ultra smart, this puzzle stimulates your brain to the fullest! The product has been awarded the Toy’s Smart Play Smart Toy Products Award 2006 for its marvelous, concept and challenging structure. Kids with a passion for mind puzzles will be addicted to the Knot.  The Knot requires 69 different moves to dismantle! Unique, novel concept, constructed of high quality material and attractive color patterns.

Gordion's Knot

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Review: Fantastic! I think I am more fascinated by the puzzle than my boy is. Hats off to the maker, it is a brilliant concept, engaging and interesting. Jake and I spent hours figuring this out! Full Marks!

Snap Circuits Lights

Add some fun to your boy’s iPod with the Snap Circuits Lights. Let your tween connect the circuit to create beautiful flashing lights and sounds with this fun new product. Lights flash and change color to match the beat of the music. The technology is fantastic. This product introduces your child to the field of circuitry, engineering and electronics.

Snap Circuits LIGHT

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Review: I love it! My son loves the flashing lights and the colors that change with the music. Putting it together is fun and challenging, making the circuit an engaging gift for any tween on any occasion.

Harry Potter Series

A must read for every child who has turned eleven. The story of boy magician Harry Potter and his seven years at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger have a series of exciting adventures in school, battling evil Lord Voldemort. A fun, funny, well-written series of seven books that will entice your tween and keep him engaged from the first page to the last!

Harry Potter series

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Review: As an adult I love the Harry Potter Series, and I can only imagine how interesting it is for my little boy. The books are written in a simple yet engaging language, bringing the characters to life! An award winning series and rightly so!

Artemis Fowl Series

An imaginative fantasy series, Artemis Fowl is peppered with witty comments, hilarious action sequences and a crisp plot with lively, memorable characters. The seven part series involves the humorous, daring, thrilling adventures of the boy genius and his sidekick butler. Extremely well written, the books are page turners, keeping your boy engaged from the word go! A must buy for tweens and teens!

Artemis Fowl book series

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Review: I like the writer’s style and imagination. This book has got some great reviews and I would advise all the parents of tweens out there to give it a shot. Interesting story, clever plot and funny pages will entertain your little boy. The series makes for a good birthday or Christmas gift.

best gifts for 12 year old boys

Surprise your 12 year old this summer or winter with a gift he will remember with fondness forever. Make his birthday, Thankgiving, Christmas or middle school graduation special with a selection from a list of the best gift for 12 year olds outlined above!

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