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Animal Collage

There is more to learning about animals than reading a book or watching a film. While those are great methods for teaching your little one about different animals, how would you like to try a more hands-on approach? We suggest trying an animal collage for your kids to create.

Working on an animal collage involves looking for pictures and information on a specific animal. This means your child will learn as he works on this easy craft. Letting him create a collage on his favorite animal or animal group is a great way to get him interested in learning about the world around him.

Animal Collage

Photo credit: Justin Wikipedia under CC license

Here are the materials and steps for creating an animal collage with your child:


  • Pictures of Animals
  • Information on Animals
  • Poster Board
  • Paste or Glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Glitter Glue (optional)


  • What type of animal collage does your child want to create? You can create a collage of different animals or focus on your child’s favorite animal. Another idea is to focus on one type of animal, such as the cat family, sea animals or reptiles.
  • Every animal collage for kid’s to create needs pictures to showcase the animal in question. Your child will need to look for pictures to cut out and paste to the poster board, which he can do by looking through old magazines, newspapers and even the TV guide.
  • Help your child cut out the pictures and paste them onto the poster board. Be sure to leave enough space for your child to write a title at the top and any important information or facts about said animal(s).
  • While you wait for the paste to dry, go through the facts and information of the animals with your child. For each animal, the information can include the name of the animal and species name, where you can find them, the climate they enjoy, what they eat, lifespan, how they protect themselves or their babies and any other facts you feel are important.
  • Once the paste is dry, have your child neatly write the facts on different areas of the poster board. It is best to go write it out in pencil and then go over it in marker. You can write it out for your child if necessary, just be sure to discuss the facts with your little one because this can be a great learning experience!
  • If your child wants to add a little sparkle, you can create boarders around the pictures and information with markers, crayons or glitter glue, but this is optional.
  • Let the paste or glitter glue dry and your child is finished with his animal collage. Feel free display it in your home or let your child take it into school or child care for show and tell.

Your child can get the most of this project if you talk to him about it as you work on it:

  • Before you work on the project, ask your child what he wants to learn about this animal.
  • Talk to him about what is going on in each picture and read the information together.
  • When you are finished with the collage, ask your child what he has learned about this animal.

Your child will not only learn about different animals, but he can also improve his cutting, pasting and handwriting skills. This animal collage for kid’s to create is an all-around learning experience for all children.

Are you ready to spend some time learning about animals with your child? Start planning out your animal collage for kid’s to create and get ready for some hands-on learning! Your Kid’s Planet is a great site to learn about some of Earth’s coolest animals. You can see the link in the sidebar to the right or Click the Image below.

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